"Clean out Vivienne Westwood in my Galliano gown..."

Hello! I'm Leith and this is my fashion(ish) blog. You might know me as that girl who posted way too much at We Love Fashion ( a livejournal community I made). Now I've started my own blog (hello!) and you know you love it.

This post I'm going to talk aboutthese fabulous Vivienne Westwood shoes. Shiny (something I love) and they have a heel, a match made in shoe heaven. Now if only Payless made some just like them so that I can buy them...


Blogger maliaonfire said...

hi leith!
aww nobody commented on this post so here i am!
those shoes are so nice!!
i love them!!hehe
well maybe you wanna check out my blog?

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Blogger Gort said...


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