Birkenstocks and Pea Coats Really Aren't Working

My school is a hippie private school. Every one who goes there knows this. Especially the upperschoolers. They are hippies with trust funds. Wearing Birkenstocks and pea coats, their hair wavy or in dreads and the sailing team's mascot is a revised version of the Grateful Dead's skull. You can tell what they do in their free time.
I wanted to introduce those (aspiring?) hippies out there (or those that just love the Boho look) to these great Bass flip flops. Yeah I know, bass isn't exaclty every one's visio of cool but once you put these shoes on you will never want to take them off. They are $24.99 and their's free shipping on the website (although I suggest going to an outlet, they always have the flipflops there.
I know the shoes look a little...ugly in the picture but really they are quite charming in person. I would take a picture of mine but they are filthy (wearing them in New Jersey can do that). Be warned that if you wear them and your feet are wet they will turn your feet red which can look a little funky, but they are totally worth it. So go out their in your gypsy skirt and buy 'em. You'll rock the boho look better than Kate Moss.


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