Oh Boy

I have a school dance today (but no school...) and I just have to complain. The boys I know cannot dress. We have gotten some of them to wear jeans instead of sweat pants all the time. However, many of them still wear sweatpants. Well, let me correct that, sweat suits. All white sweat suits. It's really offensive to my poor eyes. Even the guys who dress "nicely" look off. Their idea of nice clothes is a solid colored polo. Ech. We go to private school but if your going to wear a polo atleast make it interesting. Like this one:

Yeah, it looks a little dull but this would be a big step for them. And argyle is a fabulous pattern. They also think that dressing up is wearign khakis and a hot pink polo. As if. A nice blazer would look much better, and there is still pink in it!

Now, isn't that nice (but more importantly, isn't the model cute!).
There is some one who is a worse dresser than the guys, my brother.

Yes. I have another picture of him where you can see all of his clothes but he actually looks happy in it and my mother would yell at me because he would get upset.
Stupid Hugo (yes that is his name).


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