Even the Football Players in my Algebra Class Love Shoes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I was going to write about the killer shoes I got at Old Navy today (don't mock me, they were the only store that had my size and cool shoes) but Old Navy's website is stupid and all of the digital cameras in my house have broken and what's the point with out pictures?
Yes. I love picture books.
But, moving on. Look! It's ballet flats from Boden. So, they're just like every other ballet flat BUT they have cool colour names. Like petrol. And can't you see Rory Gilmore shuffling around a newspaper office in these. Okay, let's be honest. This is Gilmore Girls. There is no shuffling.
However, these are quite practical but are a little more fun. What with those CRAZY colour combinations. So, your grandmother can wear them and you can wear them to the HFStival (those crazy cool marlyand kids know what I'm talking about). Okay. You probably shouldn't wear them there. My friend, Carly, her sister had to get airlifted out because a mosh pit started where she was standing. But you could most definitely wear them to school or to the office. Oh how I love shoes.


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