Miss Hon' 2005!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Leopard print dresses are hot. Why? Because nothing says "I'm fabulous" like looking like you went out and skinned a leopard. Oh I kid. I've actually had this strange fascination with leopard print things my whole life. Maybe it's the fact that I live near Baltimore (I also love those beehive hair-do's) but whatever the reason, I love them so.
All you had to do was watch the VMA's to see that leopard print dresses were groovy for this season. That is if you were stupid. Leopard print has been lurking for a while. So, anyways, at the VMA's Gwen Stefani was wearing a leopard print dress from her label, L.A.M.B., and Ms. Hohan (who I actually adore for some reason) was wearing this dress from Alexander McQueen. Of course on her it looked like she was one of those old ladies from Florida who chain smokes and eats only grapes. But then again she was in Miami so maybe she was trying to fit in...That girl needs to eat anyways. But, Lindsay Lohan aside, the dress is quite cool. It fits in with the 60's vintage-ish trend and is a great party dress. So grab a martini daaahling and relax. This fall/winter you'll be set.


Anonymous Brenanana said...

you are very cool, leith. I love reading this.

Leopard print? That happens to be the wallpaper of my computer.. but I like zebra better. There is a coach iPod cover in zebra print, and I love it.


7:16 PM  

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