It's Easter, Baby

Guess what! Easter is this sunday (and for all you non-christian-tortured kids out there that's when Jesus became a zombie) and that means Spring is here. Which means new shirts and great shoes. Here are some fantastic tops from ASOS.com.
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A nice pastel green, perfect for easter but it's still a stellar halter with a nice brooch on the side! Yes, that little peice of fabric on the side would drive me crazy but I'm weird and it looks nice. It's $40.92.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Corsets are nice and this mock corset by Wheels and Dollbaby is fabulous! Light pink, another cliche spring color but it looks nice with the bow and lace it has a fun boudior feel. If only I had the boobs for a shirt like this. And the wallet, it's $185.98.


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