I May Not Be 21 Now, But I Can Pretend

Image hosted by Photobucket.com If your looking for a good alternative to Target for well priced clothes try Forever 21 they have great priced clothes that look insanely fabulous (ignore how scary the model looks). The website has a small selection of what the store has but you should really check out the clothes in person (the website has their more generic and wannabe Juicy Couture clothes). It's great whether your style is boho, hipster, lady like, or trendy. Whenever I go shoping I make sure I stop their atleast once because I know I will always find something. I suggest going to Forever 21 not for pants because the sizes are kind of weird (I'm not a 9 any where except for there). But, if you need a dress real quick drop on by and grab one in your size and it will look smashing.


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