Because I'm Looking Divine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Summer is really crappy. I can't wear my v-neck cashmere sweaters, or my non-existent combat boots (I had some when I was younger but grew out of them so my neo-hippie mom took them and wears them in the garden). I also can't wear my tweed jacket with a ridiculously short mini skirt with out my boobs roasting. This is why I'm sitting here in my pink thunderbolt panties (with pink lace on the edges) and a nude bra getting mad at Benny because she told me to wear the caplet thing I wore on friday (while rocking out to Queen no less).
Luckily though, my aunt is a wonderful lady and bought me stuff at the Anthropologie store in Fashion Island. Stuff like this cardigan. What? A cardigan in 100 something degree weather? You must be kidding. Of course not! It's 100% cotton and very cool actually. I was going to wear it to the Army Navy Club with my grandparents but I think it's perfect for dragging a red neck to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Rory Gilmore did play a whore in Sin City so he just imagine her on a street corner the whole time). Buy it for $88 at the nearest Anthropologie.


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