You Look So Good It Hurts Some Times

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Hot Topic is the "funky" store for suburbs kids. Which means it's very overpriced and I normally don't go there (but in 6th grade I wound up on their mailing list some how) but this t-shirt is very awesome. Now, you could probably find something much cooler at what Hot Topic wants to be, Funk & Standard in New Jersey, but this is great for now. Especially for when you want to get girly and wear a chic black skirt (any colour will work but I like kneelength black skirts with a little flair for shirts like this). Actually, this is a shirt that I would probably wear on the camping trip tomarrow (see post above. I think it's above atleast). It just looks so comfortable and...clean. It's $22 and has those adorable animals and stuff like that on it. What more could you want?


Blogger SvdW said...

just fyi- i am obsessed with funk and standard. idk if there are other ones in new jersey, but i always go to the one in red bank, right across the street from jay and silent bob's secret stash

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