Cause Time Don't Mean a Thing With Out You

My fabulous friend, Carly, came up with this list of things you must listen to/watch/read to be her friend. I personally think it's an excellent list so here it is (in her words, purple italics are mine):
  • Songs: (these are mostly from my windows media, so i probably have no hip hop on here. don't think i dont like hip hop. listen to 9.39 or 92.3 OR even 95.5 and hear some goodness) the radio stations are for those wonderful *cough* Marylanders
    "the sun"_maroon 5
    "bend to squares"_death cab for cutie
    all of translanticism (which i spelt wrong) by death cab.
    "such great heights"_the postal service YES YES YES
    "smile like you mean it"_the killers YES YES YES
    "worn me down"_rachel yamagata do I have to do it again?
    "hide and seek"_imogen heap
    "fix you"_coldplay
    "anxious arms"_jealous sound
    "break you off"_the roots
    "must get out"_maroon 5
    "kissing the lipless"_the shins
    "if you leave"_nada surf
    "when two become one"_the spice girls. yes, i said it. that was the song we re-enacted when we'd play them in first grade!
  • TV Shows:
    Veronica Mars (my new almost-obsession)
    life as we know it
    the oc (you didnt see that coming, did ya?!)
    the real world
    laguna beach
  • Movies:
    napolean dynamite
    super troopers
  • Reading Material:
    the gossip girl series they really are great, and make you pee yourself with laughter
    the sisterhood of the traveling pants series
    us weekly
    entertainment...yes, i dunno why i like it but i do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars, I am totally buggin'. I love that show.

Bad joke, sorry

5:58 PM  
Blogger Leith said...

it's all good.

11:07 PM  

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