Rojo, Rojo!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Red is an alright color, except it always reminds me of when I went to Medieval Times for my 13th birthday and we were assigned the red night. My mom had her latino-radar on and realised that our night was Spanish (well, she fancied him so I don't think it would have mattered if he was or not) and got the bright idea to get my whole family to shout, "Rojo! Rojo!" over and over. The bar wenches (haha, that word always makes me laugh) just kind of stared at us with pity. Then afterwards (because my birthday is on New Year's Eve there was this big party afterwards) my aunt got the yellow night to dance with me. He had red hair. So I've been scarred for life when it comes to that color.
This Marc Jacobs bag is bringing me on the road to slight recovery. Slight because it's $1,200 but I'll be a succesful journalist/screenplay writer/director/movie-costume-chick and I'll be able to afford it one day. Because, they practically give designer bags to Oscar winners (and honey, I will have an Oscar). Now I better add it to my wishlist just in case one of my aunts wins the lottery....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my lord! I loved this story so much! I was laughing and crying!! aaaahahahahaa! Don't be alarmed this happens to me all the time.

9:18 PM  

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