The Art of the Black Pant (not undies you Brits)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEvery year at my school we have a spring performance. No, it's not a cool little play, my school is run by hippies why would they do that? It's even nerdier than that. It's interpretive dance. Yes, I'm serious. My poor brother had to do a dance representing a painting of New York (it didn't look like New York by the way, it was basically blue swirls). Luckily, I got to do a "play" about the devil and some hick farmer and a lawyer and I got to be a member of a dead jury. Why should you guys care? Because it's a great example of stupidity. Every year people need to borrow/buy black pants even though every year atleast one music class has to wear black pants. Not only should they have black pants for these performances but you should have black pants for when you're sick of jeans or you are going to a dressy/casual party (I hate that description but nearly ever party I go to is like that).
These black pants from Raven are ace (umm...does any one actually say that? whatever, it sounds cool). And you know those shoes in the picture are just too cool with those pants. Yeah, it's Spring and every one is wearing bright colors but it's never too warm for black. Besides, these are their hipster pants and every one wants to be a hipster. Yes? No? Well, too bad. I love hipsters because they have nice asses. These pants cost $196 and you can get them at ShopBop.com.


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