How Do You Do It?

Whenever my friends get on the topic of acne (we are 14, what else are we supposed to talk about?) somebody yells at me to shut-up because my skin is perfect. I just give them my evil grin and we go on to talking about somethinge else. Like how the freaky computer teacher lady should not be hitting on Humphrey-yes, I did see her doing that on Friday.
Because my skin is so great I'm giving you all a glimpse into my bathroom (because I'm sure some of you have zits/black heads). Maybe not a glimpse, because my bathroom is kind of gross and covered with toothpaste (my brother) and old contacts (me). But you do want to know what I use on my face. Right? Yes.
In the mornings I just use Clean and Clear's Morning Burst but if I'm feeling extra zitty I grab some Stridex for my purse. At night I use DHC deep cleansing oil to get rid of makeup and then I wash the rest of my face with Nuetrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask (using it as a cleanser). If it's winter I'll put some lotion on my face so it's not really dry and then I go to sleep (or just watch some CSI). Once a week I use the Nuetrogena stuff as a mask so my skin is nice and refreshed.
For all you guys with equally great skin, what do you use?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So DHC works? Myself, I'm old-school, a big Noxzema fan, but I like change.

Decleor oil is a miracle worker. You don't even need makeup, it gives such a great glow.

12:29 PM  
Blogger :::Dana::: said...

My friends also tell me the same about my skin when we talk about acne!! haha I use L'Oreal Clear Zone (3 steps). It says you have to use it twice a day, but once every 3 days is enough for my skin.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HURRY!~ :)


8:04 AM  

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