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Image hosted by Photobucket.com If you know atleast one nerdy freak (me) you should know that there are teaser posters for the new Harry Potter movie coming out and talk of a trailer (or has it come out all ready? I'm a little behind). Anyways, every one should be celebrating that the movie is coming out. Why? Because there is a character in the books named Oliver Wood. And the incredibly gorgeous Irish (my Grandmummy would love him) actor who plays him is named Sean Biggerstaff. Now, I doubt he'll be in this movie (didn't he graduate or something?) but there's still a chance. So, wear this lightning bolt necklace with pride.
Yeah. I needed an excuse for a lightning bolt necklace. Can we move on?
Get it from a completely hideous and annoying web site called Girl Props for $9.99.


Anonymous karen said...

that guy's scottish! he is hott tho, my friend saw him in glasgow, how cool.

2:39 PM  

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