I'd Rock it on New Year's Eve (My birthday) in Times Square

Image hosted by Photobucket.com When I saw this belt I actually gasped. I don't gasp but this belt is very gaspworthy. What it is? A belt with actual scrolling letters. You know, like those lights that say "WELCOME TO THIS CRAPPY MALL IT'S CURRENTLY 5 BILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE. HAVE A NICE DAY" in pretty lights. But this is even better, because you have it above your crotch and you can make it say anything you want, like "INSERT HERE (and then an arrow)" or "I'M COOLER THAN YOU". But if that's not classy enough for you than you go buy some other, uncool belt. I really think I'm in love. And I can afford it at $72. Buy it from 80's Purple.


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