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Unfortunatly my teachers have noticed that I have a problem doing my homework and they are getting a little pissy (I don't know why, me turning in my homework means more work for them...). So, I've got to buckle down and do my work (eck). Because of that there will probably be less posts here. That is until the weeken rolls around, which is when I sit around in my pjs watching the Style channel (it's not my fault that my friends never go out!).
Right now I've gotten (most of) my homework done and I decided to show you guys the shoes I'm lusting after.
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The classic black shoe by Gucci. I have one a lot like it but it's red and from Payless (it was $7, how could I resist?).
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I know the picture looks awkward but it was the only one I could get. Big, purple shoes are the best. They are by Louis Vuitton by the way.
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Another shoe I've talked about on We Love Fashion but it's just too cool to not talk about. Why? It's crocheted for Pete's sake! It's also by Marc Jacobs which, before his last collection, would have garanteed it's awesome (erkk, how did he make those skinny models seem so chunky!).


Blogger catherine said...

ooh i love those louis vuitton shoes. i saw them on the site a bit after the collection was out and i've been dreaming about them ever since. too bad i'm too cheap to ever buy them, not to mention broke.

4:24 PM  

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