Shoot Your Hairstylist

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Drew Carey was never handsome and rarely funny (okay, on Who's Line is it Anyway's he had some funny moments) but this hair style makes him look like an ass. Some how or other is made him look fatter (not good) and made we want to gag. The hair and glasses makes him look like one of the people I see at the donut shop on my way to school in the mornings (which is not good, okay so there were some hot guys there once but they looked a little shifty). I can imagine him going fishing with this gay guy who sweeps the rugs at the grocery store next to the donut shop. By the way, this isn't a stylish gay guy. His stomach is almost wider than Drew's and the only clothes I've seen him in are some brown/black (I really forget) pants, a wool hat, and a black jacket.
So, get rid of the hair. And maybe stay away from movie premiers (even if they are for animated movies, you scare little children).


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That was a funny one.

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