Stein Mart, Baby

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Yesturday I went into D.C. (you know, where our idiot president lives) and spent the whole day with my ex-model grandmother hearing stories about her visits to the Moulin Rouge (she went with her parents when she was 16, and her father got her a date with a French boy) and shopping at her latest love, Stein Mart.
When I first walked in I was...scared. It was like some retired golfer's wardrobe threw up all over the place. I did make a few nice discoveries though, an argyle shirt and a nice see through pink blouse. Then, when my mom was at the register paying I saw two fabulous dresses. They were by BCBG, one wrap dress and another dress that made my boobs look big (which is kind of nice because mine are kinda like half lemons). I showed them to my grandma and she insisted I buy them. I looked at the price tag on one of the dresses, $148 BUT it was reduced to $12.99! I almost died of happiness. I love those dresses too. I'm wearing the wrap one now. There are some left too, so if you are in the D.C. area go! Here's the address:
5345 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 200
Washington, DC 20015


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