Save Me

I'm back from the Land of the Nerds (guess how many people skipped activities to read the new Harry Potter book.) and the only thing I have to show from it is a worry zit becuase of a certain crazy person who I would not stop talking about (if you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry) but luckily it's going away and a blanket with signatures all over it (with a loving note about Cambodian wands). Oh yeah. I also got bronchitis or some such disease. So you should expect lots of writing due to my soon to be doped up state.
However, I have some deeply depressing news, my father is a complete idiot and lost everthing on my computer when he switched it over to XP (my computer seems to have thought it was the 90's still). That means I've lost all of my favorites, all of my pictures, and all of my mind. So things might be a little interesting in Leith world. And not interesting in the way that Jeff uses the word to describe me (and any one who was in my ethics class, I would love to know the magic words to make you know whats).


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