Oi Vey

Guess who's here? Well obviously it's me and if you didn't get that then you're a bit stupid, no? So, amazingly enough living in the desert and getting sand in my ears was a lot of fun. Of course there was very little that was fashionable, except one of the swampers (they were pretty much assistants to the boat drivers) wore a skirt a lot. It was a cute skirt too. And then there were the Germans who were naked a lot and I guess that's a fashion statement. So, anyways, today I'm going to camp. I'm actually supposed to be there now but my Mom is doing something and she has to drive due to the fact that I'm 14 and can't drive. Now she wants to check on what I packed (2 duffels and one messenger bag).


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So what's going on with the New York Times? What are they interviewing you about? Did you already do the interview? What's the story they are writing?

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