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I'm currently stuck in my room because the cleaning ladies are cleaning the rest of the house, so what better time than to talk about dresses for this FABULOUS holiday season?
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It's like...well I'm not really sure what it's like. But it's quite cool and I would definitely wear it to that SnowBall thing I might go to with one of my friends. Of course I'm missing something in the boobage department and it's freezing here but one can always dream. I love YSL.

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This dress is so absolutely perfect in a really strange way. How so? It reminds me of a French maid's outfit and I'm stuck in my room because of some maids. Aahahaha. Yes, that really isn't as funny as I thought it was. But I still love this dress. It's a tiny bit slutty but makes up for it with then nun-in-training collar and lace plus it's so cool. Cool in that I-look-better-in-this-than-those-girls-who-were-maids-for-halloween-that-one-year way. Of course Vivienne Westwood made this!

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Oooer, it's pink and it's a throwback to times long gone. Plus, it'll look good on lots of body types and this is one of the few times that I actually like an empire waist. SWEET. Remember Erotokritos from that post I made a couple of days ago? Yeah, guess who made this.


Blogger Mrs. de Winter said...

Hi Leith! Great job!
I love the YSL dress too, I think it´s perfect.
I´m a twenty-something Spanish girl who loves fashion, and I have a fashion blog, Sobre Moda-About Fashion. It´s in Spanish but maybe you like it: www.megustalamoda.blogspot.com
Best regards from Spain.
Mrs. de Winter

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Almost Girl said...

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5:29 PM  
Anonymous Tilda said...

Yes YSL is sexy!! all woman look at me dresses ... looove them!!

Love your site! x

11:53 PM  
Blogger {{EM!LY}} said...

how do u get the cooool banner on ur blog?i would love one of those. where do u get the codes? yea, this is irrealevant. story of my life.
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5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THAT Vivienne Westwood Dress...Is The most AMAZING dress. Oh no. Now I wish I had it.

9:50 AM  

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