Those Italian Birds...

I recieved an e-mail last week (it could have been last week. I've been kind of busy with my non-bussiness) telling me about Red Apple. Here's what the e-mail said:
I just wanted to report to You the made-in-italy shopping blog I collaborate: Red Apple Trends.
It's a web blog that puts on line shop windows and accessories we see, or we would like to see, every day on the streets
and in our wardrobe.
Every post is provided with price, shop and site of the item.
Visitors too send photos of what they find interesting in their cities or on the web.

It's a blog for normal girls and women, who talk about shopping and trend news on the mobile or in front a coffee.
We are daughter of 80's telefilms, of Sex & The City, of make up mistakes, of expeditions to outlets and sales, of
aperitives at the bar, of chatting about wrong men, and much more.
As You see..nothing new! But with our style.

I have to say, I really like this one pair of shoes they posted...so of course I'm plugging them!! Check them out. The site is in English and Italian


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