"Feel My Legs!!" "Oooh!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I love fall/winter but I really hate how dry my skin gets. I think most people do. The best way to beat dry skin? Lots of lotion and, if you shave your legs, Skintimate's shaving gel for dry skin with Lanolon. It seriously works. I'm going to tell you to get perfectly moisterized gourgeous legs. Just because I'm nice like that.
1. Before you turn on the shower exfoliate. It's really not that bad.
2. Wash yourself and all that fun stuff. The last thing you should do in the shower is shave (use the skintimate stuff I talked about).
3. Get out of the shower. Dry your legs so that they are damp and put lotion on them.
4. Get dressed and marvel at how gorgeous your legs are.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Great dry skin care tips for beautiful legs! I like that.

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