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I am inviting you to participate in a fashion blogging event. Next Friday is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in America. I am asking other fashion bloggers to join me in blogging about their own views on fashion, consumption, individuality, and the importance of fashion in our lives. I am encouraging any other fashion bloggers to join me in this endeavor, just make your own political fashion statements about your view on consumption and fashion no matter how you view it and I will link up and we can all hopefully dialogue about the importance of individualityin fashion!

-Almost Girl

Black Friday is one of the scariest days of the year. I've only gone shopping during Black Friday once before, last year. I just wanted to hide in the bathroom stall, but I was stuck in a mile long line so that I could get this adorable little cashmere sweater. And, if you know me at all, I'll do anything for an adorable little cashmere sweater. That being my only experience with Black Friday (I honestly blacked out most of that day in my memory) I'm just going to talk about fashion's importance in our lives.
At private school if some one had the same shirt as you on you were perfecty entitled to get that girl's boyfriend to yell at her for wearing the same shirt as you. Of course all parties involved would get made fun of because of the ridiculousness of the situation (who yells at their girlfriend for having the same shirt as someone?) but life would go on. At public school however, it's completely different. I can see the same shirt on 5 different girls in one day and none of them would bat an eyelash. And if one of them said something about it she would get made fun of terribly.
Ummm what?
Don't people even try to be some what individual at this school? I don't see the point in spending any money for a t-shirt that some other girl will, with no doubt, be wearing the same day I am. I see no problem with being stylish and trendy as long as you don't look exactly like the girl sitting next to you at your lunch table. I don't care if you both are scenesters or if you both are preps. You look freakn' ridiculous.
It has little to do with advertising and what not, people are just being uncreative when it comes to fashion. When the consumers aren't being unique you can definitely count on the businesses to not be unique. But people have to remember that you can shop at the same stores as your friends and still look unique. For example, I shop at the same stores as most of my friends (there really are no options where I live) and I still manage to have my own unique style. It all just depends on how you rock it. And mixing it up! I wear a Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt with my 80's Versace jeans and some Old Navy flats it looks cool and I feel comfortable in it. People just need to chill out when it comes to clothes. I know so many people who won't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch because it's preppy (Tthat's a lame excuse. I normally don't shope there because it's slutty. Get your reasons right!) and some people don't shop at Hot Topic because it's too XcoreX (It's actually owned by the same company that owns Gap so get over yourself). If you like something in a store window go in and buy it.


Blogger Danielle said...

In high school, I didn't care really about fashion... I only wanted to fit in. I think that's fairly common. You sound a lot more sophisticated then anyone where I came from! There's so much snobbery about where things come from too... in high school of all places where fashion should be fun it's actually deadly serious.

I like your attitude!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous rock_my_world said...

i totally love your blog.
you r right on. i cant say enuf that im soo sick of ppl that hav no origionality n think that the only way to look good is to copy the style straight off other ppl. i mean come on.. i personally am way into vintage n all that but ea. person shud develop their style individually..not base it off what the popular crowds wearing.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you say you hate it when people dont spell check. "shope?" SPELL CHECK WOMAN!

6:39 PM  

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