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I've gotten more e-mails asking for advice so here they are:

Hiya . . . I just want to start off by saying that I adore your blog and you have the best taste in fashion. Really. K, anyways, after that inspired bit of fangirl-ish babble . . . I recently bought these boots and I can't decide what to wear them with. I've been doing skinny jeans, and that's worked, but I need something else to use, and I just can't think of anything. If you can help, that would be fab.
P.S. - You really do rock.

Thanks Madei for the compliments. BUT I really can't help you with those boots. They're a bit like Chewbacca's feet. And, unfortunately the Star Wars movies are all done with.

Oh no more zebra print from Delias.
Why do I like this dress so much?! Im really tempted to get it for something next year, but will it still be so cute? The bubble hem kind of annoys me, but the whole dress reminds me of a Marc Jacobs one that Lindsay Lohan wore on the cover of Teen Vogue last summer. Of course the Marc Jacobs one was blown-up rose print that only looked like zebra, and it was pink and black. Your thoughts?
Thanks so much!

I really like the pattern and it looks like a pretty comfortable dress but I wouldn't suggest buying it, unless you were buying it on sale. The bubble hem thing is going to pass really quickly (although I do have a really cute bubble mini that my best friend, Benny, bought me and I love it a lot). But it also looks more like a bathing suit cover up, it seems to be more suited for the beach. And don't ever buy a dress just because it reminds you of something a big name designer did, only buy something if you're really comfortable with it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats so funny. the first time i saw this on the delias website the exact thought "marc jacobs/lindsay lohan/teen vogue" came to mind. its soo cute.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

You're quite right. I can see how it is beachwear. I personally don't exactally like it, but it might look good on someone(like it's model).

5:08 PM  
Blogger {{EM!LY}} said...

oh, i saw that issue

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea the boots are like part of a black yetti costume, and are completly unwearable....
the dress may have been marc jacobs knock off, but the point is that dress was LAST spring, and is already out of style...

5:14 PM  
Blogger Victoria said...

Hey, what's wrong with Chewbacca's feet? ;)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Dinah said...

Those boots are really not flattering at all. I agree with you about buying something that reminds you if a designer made something like it.... if you love it and it looks good on you.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Kerri said...

here's thinking that those boots would look super hot with that dress.

only kidding.

though i do really like that dress.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Isabel said...

Boy, that dress is pretty! A bit...short though. Oh well, I'd still wear it. Here's to the skanks of the world!

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the dress.
It looks like it would be fun to wear.
And I don't mind the bubble hem.
I mean, who cares if it isn't really the 'in thing' when you wear it? It's just part of the dress. Plus, it makes it a touch more interesting.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous renee said...

daaaaang those boots are weird. howveer ive seen them in ellegirl before, i think they were white ones. why dont u buy a fur coat with it to match, cos tht'll just be funny.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the marc jacobs dress on teen vogue's cover and am starting to realize more and more how Delia's just takes other peoples cool ideas and slightly modifies them. Nevertheless, i love this dress and would definately recommend buying it.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait wait wait...I dont really know what I think about this blog...I like pretty much all the clothes you've talked about...but I have to disagree with alot of things that you've said:
-James Blunt is cool. Its not his fault he became mainstream.
-Degrassi, really really good & canadien, come moi
-Poor girl with the yeti boots. Well, they pretty much are the hideousest things Ive ever seen & she deffo took everything waaaaaaay to personally, she did ask for advice...& you gave it to her. Not very friendly of whoever it was to call her friend a slut though. We dont know how long her friend has been dating that guy...SO ANYWAY!
-American Idol, just cause it sucks doesnt mean it isnt entertaining...if that makes sense?
-you didnt say this, but french girls are extremely nice & do not have sticks up their asses...i dont think.
Now, fashion wise, I think that you are waaaaay to "whats hot & whats not", if youre truly stylish then youre never out of fashion. I mean, I wear things (aka leggings, flowery skirts...) that are considered unfashionable/last season/not at all a la mode...& get compliments on my good taste & style...so pah! Also, studded flipflops??? and they were powderblue...ew. how preppy. I agree with:
-dresses over pants...wtf? i dunno who said it but i agree, that is le nast.
-chuck taylors & skirts..always cool. sometimes w shorts too, although they make ones thighes/hips look enormous.
-ahaha! zebra print, why oh why do i like it?? dunno, but i do.
So why dont you ever talk about vintage clothes or unknown designers...perhaps local?
things that i like (for anyone who cares):
-the unicorns, kanye west, clap your hands say yeah, ben kweller, sam roberts, beck, john lennon...etc etc
-straight jeans
-flats!!! holy moly, they are so chic & comfy. but i really want bright orange platformy-things.
-legging...under anything. they are so handy & comfy
-bad telly ie: saved by the bell, full house etc etc
hey! you should check out: American Apparel....has every possible "basic" in every possible colour, no sweatshops!! & really nice coton & a hemp collecttion. For men, women, babies...& dogs. and H&M..I think they have it in the states...we only have two in canada (in toronto...agh! i live in vancouver....) Im in France right now (with all the french girls w sticks up their asses...) spending all my money on chic swedish clothes. I dunno who did the lne this year but past years have been: stella mccartny & karl lagerfield...and its hella cheap.

10:40 AM  

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