Project Runway Finale

I would rather copy and paste an AIM conversation I had about the Project Runway finale then type any more. So enjoy or ignore it. Whatever. I'm tired.
Me: Dan V should have won
Carly: i know
Me: arghghg Chloe's looked like crazy rich old ladies who get botox
Carly: like when i re-watched it today because i have a cold and it SUCKSSS daniel's was the best.
Carly: it took time to get used to because the colors were so understated.
Me: I actually like some of Santino's though
Carly: I really liked Santino's, but it wasn't Santino.
Carly: I think he just did it to win, and it backfired.
Me: chyeah, but that's a good thing
Me: I mean the not being santino bit
Me: and it is good he didn't win
Carly: I would've expected his to be Daniel's.
Me: Jay's last year was way amazing though, Chloe's was crap-ola compared to that
Carly: Chloe's was kind of...boring. The weird fabric looked so stiff.
Carly: Daniel's was really wearble.
Me: I wanted to wear all of his
Me: Chloe's looked like something you would wear to a quinceanera
Me: in the 80's [for reference, rent the movie Sweet 15, you'll be so happy you did]
Carly: Chloe's wasn't THAT bad.
Carly: I liked her little halter dress.
Me: I just have that big pink one stuck in my brain
Me: hers looked more like somthing Santino would make
Me: but Santino's would be with a helluva lot more trim


Blogger Kerri said...

chloe's clothes were alright. but i just don't like her personality. she came out on the runway wearing shreaded little jeans and a sweater... it was like she didn't care that she was at OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK, HELLO? she just seems so indifferent to everything.. her whole "i don't care if i win" attitude pisses me off. daniel v's clothes were really nice, too, but i think what killed him was the whole "military and asian" infulence thing because none of the judges got that drift. but he's gorgeous and talented and he got noticed so i'm not worried about him.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous emily said...

i agree with you. dan v should have won. he was by far my favorite. he had a really nice range of stuff. but i guess he's young and has plenty ahead. this season wasn't as good as the last, but i still love project runway!

8:57 PM  
Anonymous carly said...

not to mention that D.Vos is a HOTTIE PATOTTIE.

Just thought I'd put it out there. I am overtaking Leith's blog. Ha.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Laura Chow said...

I liked one of Chloe’s dresses. The second dress she put out was horrid as was the first. I was kind of under whelmed with all of the contestant's collections. Yes, Daniel V's had some good looking pieces but god, Jay's and Kara Saun's collections were so much more spectacular.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

If Daniel V. wasn't gay, he would be by lover. Just thought I'd put that out there...haha.
Anywho. He should have won. I'm glad Santino lost...he was incredibly obnoxious (personality wise). I was pleasantly surprised by Chloe, and she does have the business sense, so I'm okay with her winning. But that huge pink dress was just...GAH!
Daniel's still my winner.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

i saw sweet 15... in spanish class.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally was 100% positive that Daniel V. would win from the beginning of the show. But I think his collection, in comparison to everything else he did, was boring. And for once, I actually loved Santino's stuff, all of it was amazing. I usually hate his style, but you're right, it wasn't Santino. Chloe's was, as usual, meticulously sewn but the actual stuff wasn't so special. Totally surpised that she won.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as much as i love dan chloe's collection was the most different even though it wasn't my style. dan would have won if he did more of what eh did on the show ex. orchid

2:45 PM  
Blogger Kerri said...

have you seen kara's line, by the way? it's actually kind of nice. i was surprised since i didn't like her on the show all that much, but her collection's nice.


4:25 PM  
Blogger Lulu Fruitloops said...

santino is my baby daddy! haha jk, thats what my friend always says.. it cracks me up. anyway, i actually like santion's clothes but it wan't santino.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

I am so surprised that Chloe won too. I was positive that Dan was going to win, and he probably would have if he didn't do that stupid "military and asain" because really only a few pieces were noticably influenced by those.

And I'm happy santino lost. He was so obnoxious.

11:46 PM  
Blogger kel. said...

ahahaha@the Sweet 15 reference.
I couldn't agree with you more.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Leith,

first off, i love ur blog. Second, who did you like best on project runway? not just their designs, but their personality. i vote either Diana or Daniel.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous NORA said...

i really think we were separated at birth.
or we are just extremely similar.
i think this blog is amazing, by the way.
i agree with you that danny v. should've won,
i'm obsessed with him. but michael kors
did make that comment about how
daniel should work for him.

i saw a dress from each collection
about two weeks before the finale
aired because they had pictures
from various shows at olympus
fashion week in OK! magazine,
which is my new favorite tabloid
because every few issues
they have pictures from
different fashion weeks.

and it was strange because they
had an outfit from each designer's
collection, but they also had
another halter dress/tunic thing
which the caption said that Cara made.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous lara said...

haha i saw sweet 15 in spanish too. lol.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Miss Sarcasm said...

yes, daniel's should definately have won. last year they made the right choice (jay is fantabulous), but this year they made such a huge mistake. oh well, perhaps they'll redeem themselves next season.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous SwanDiamondRose said...


12:50 PM  
Anonymous marissa said...

i felt SO bad for santino. he showed he was mature enough to make wearable fashion, and he still lost. the judges broke down his independent spirit and made him conformed and then changed their minds last minute. tim gunn was totally misleading! i like daniel the best and his collection was really good but he had some execution problems so I can see why he wasn't picked. at least michael kors offered him a job! i think they just picked chloe because she has the least amount of talent and really needs the win to help her career, whereas daniel and santino will go on to great things no matter what!!!!

PS- did anyone see how rude heidi was to jay on project jay about that red dress???

2:53 PM  
Anonymous alex akiti said...

hey, luv ur site. please give your honest opinion on mine.it's new. and u seem brutally (almost disgustingly)honest.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

I loved the 13th dress Daniel made and I kinda saw what he meant by asian and military inspired.

Thought Chloe was okay,but I wish she would have stuck with her clean lines like she did on the show.

Santino wasn't outrageous as usual,but I wish he would've been a lil' more crazy with it.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you ever update?
this blog sucks. definately not worth it.

9:20 PM  
Blogger DAEgirl said...

anonymous commenter who said this blog sucks: YOU SUCK. This blog is awesome! You either need to get a life or leave your stupid comments to yourself.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Alelale said...

..and Daniel it's also soooo good looking!

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:22 PM  
Blogger noshirthetranny said...

yah you should update

this blog fucking sucks

you suck asshole

im gay and love it

youre gay too


7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

update! i love this blog

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this girl has no fashion sense at all.

there are way better blogs out there actually about real fashion
ex. fashionologie.com
style bubble
la coquette
catwalk queen
closet therapy

this girl never updates. once a week. i dont what the people at elle girl were thinking.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Leith said...

Anonymous, don't be an ass. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Mizz Ashley Helen said...

do u think u could help me fix my site?? cuz urs is really Ah-dorable!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u think chloe should of won u are out of your minds, it was horrible, santino or danny v should have won, here stuff was stiff an looked like what really old rich white women would wear, almost tacky.. i was stunned. the judges should really kill themselves for that one

4:02 AM  

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