Seriously Folks

I would like to make people aware of a few things because it seems like every single post has had fights in the comments and it's gotten really ridiculous.
A) If you don't like something that's cool. Just don't call me a bitch when I disagree with you.
C) It's only the internet. If you don't like something that I've said/someone else has said you can just exit out of the page. It's really not hard.
D) I do not take myself as seriously as many of you think I do. In fact, I don't take myself seriously at all. I started this website because I was bored one day. I do not think I am God's gift to fashion and that I'm going to save the world from bad clothes. I just have lots of opinions and wanted to get them out there.
E) I'm not allowing any comments in this post because I'd rather not have a bunch of fights starting. And I love to have the last word. So, HA!