Because the Sun Still Shines

I`m in LA. Unfortunatly I have to use my grandpa`s old laptop and most of the keys don`t work so well (that`s why the apostrophes are really screwy looking). It turns out that I will not be able to go to pretty much all the stores I mentioned because
a) My aunt wants to go shopping with me and her favorite place to go is somewhere where the stores arenĀ“t (I think, I kind of forget where it is)
b) I have to pay for my Killers tickets and so I have no money. Maybe my dad will give me some.
So! Expect short updates maybe. This laptop is really killing me because you have to pres the z key to get y and the y key to get z. Completely ridiculous, I know. Time to go play pool with my brother (aka family hols suck)


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