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I'm going to LA tomarrow and am planning on doing some reviews of stores (which will mainly consist of me saying they suck because they had no bathroom when I had to pee). Here are the ones I'm planning on going to, feel free to suggest any and I'll try to get to them. I'm spending the whole vacation with my uncle, my dad, and my brother and they aren't really wetting themselves with exictment when I bring up shopping. Anyways, here are the stores:
Iguana Vintage Clothing
That Marc Jacobs store that opened a couple of months ago
The Wasteland
Fifi & Romeo (it's a dog store but they have some really ace collars)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Rosasen too. Kez weirdly got me into golf, and they have some cute polos. If preppy's your thing, you should really go.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Leith said...

Iäm not much of a prep but I do need a polo for this performance at school.
Iäve never been to Rosasen, just read a good review.
Yeah, thatäs kind of lame.

8:38 PM  

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