Best Time in a Long Time

Quilted. Not new. Chanel's been doing it for ages and recently it's been incredibley popular. I've just gotten into it. Here are my favorites.

Jo de Mer's quilted make-up bags are so shiny and awesome I can hardly stand it. These genuinely make me happy, I hope you feel the same way.

These past few years, Steve Madden can do no wrong. There was that brief period of time in the 90's where they made those awful platform flipflops and other equally heinous shoes but these ballet flats make up for it. They're simple and classy and the quilting adds that nice little detail. $59.95.

Chanel. Duh. How could I resist? Besides, this the the most rocking quilted clutch to come out of Chanel in...ever. I must own it. Eventually. Some day I will.

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Anonymous PreciousRin said...

OMG. Loving the new posts! Has a long winter's rest rejuvenated you? Ready to come back to us? I've been dying for something actually realistic since TEEN VOGUE's "Bright Light" shoot with all the (very 90's) neon clothing.

Lovin' it up as always.

7:25 PM  
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Blogger Geisha said...

That Chanel bag is really cool even though it's not really my style. It is really un-chanel in a good way! Anyways can you pleeaase link me NOW? (I know I sound like a whiny 5-year old but I don't really care).

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Maddie said...

I LOVE that Chanel bag

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oo when did you start posting again! finally! i love everything, but particularly the bag of course

11:43 AM  

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