American Vintage

You would think that because there are so many hippies in Annapolis (if you've ever met some one who went/is going to St. Johns College you know why) there would be some really groovy vintage stores. Uhh yeah. All the botoxed preppy bitches with 5 kids got rid of that reefer madness a long time ago.
Leith is just a little bitter about going home tomarrow.
Whenever I want to go to a "vintage" store I have to force my Mum to drive me to Good Will. The only good thing I've gotten there were a pair of black heels (they look like dancing heels, you know Broadway) that were originally sold at Target. Real Classy.
Thankfully, LA has a really great street called Melrose (you know you've watched that show) with a couple of great vintage stores. My favorite? American Vintage. I bought a really great belt there but they have cool miniskirts made out of ties, boy scout uniforms, fun bowler hats, and, if you want to go gothic for prom/whatever, $25 Victorianish wedding dresses. I even got a free scarf with the belt I purchased. So if you're in LA GO THERE. It's cool and they play good rap, which is a rarity.


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