Cuddle Up

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYeah. Jet lag sucks, especially when your mother yells at you that you can't miss school to sleep (waking up at 6:25 am is no fun even if you are jet lagged). So, all week I've wanted to just crawl up on our new leather couch, listen to Beck and watch SNL re-runs on E. Unfortunately I have things called finals next week and I'm failing my english project (why the hell can't my myth about monsters killing people be funny? I'd rather hear about Achilles' metro-sexual son who partied with the kick-ass God Milo then some lame ass story about people killing monsters). But, there is something close to sitting on the couch and watching tv, wearing a cute sweatshirt to school and making plans to see Star Wars tomarrow. Isn't this one perfect for that? It's a nice hoodie but has a fun little woodland design (like that Jet video, minus all the attacking). So, when you're falling asleep in Spanish class and trying to justify why you wanted Trey to kill Ryan on the O.C. you can look good. If you are willing to spend $82 on this Rebe sweatshirt.


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