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My parents suck and I'm not allowed to go to The Killers concert anymore (I really don't see why, I would have gone with a Reverend too) so no stories about me getting arrested for jumping on Brandon Flowers. But I do have a short (and kind of lame since I'm the one telling it) story about The Killers and this kid, Josh, that I go to school with. He met them! And apparently they are really nice and awesome. But every one knows they are awesome. Especially since they can still look so adorable after putting their peckers on some chick's shoulders.
In other (some what fashion related) news. Okay it's not really news but my friend Carly found some kick ass sunglasses and a really gnarly bag. Gnarly's not really the word. I guess adorable but I already used that today.


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They're beautiful.

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