On Friday I got my bangs cut straight across and today I put on pink lipstick (not frosted or anything like that, but pink nonetheless).
I do believe that the 90's are officially back. I mean, every one's been talking about it for ages but have you taken a look at this month's W or Vogue? I swear I saw shoulder pads.
Anyways, I have to confess something. I have been avoiding the internet. I haven't even check my e-mail. Whenever I go on the computer it's because:
A) facebook.
B) some one imed me. Not that I actually im them back. I generally go back to watching 90210
C) spider solitaire has taken over my soul

I am so afraid of accidentally reading a Harry Potter spoiler. It has happened to people I know. What's even worse, is that I'm not reading the book until Friday. Why? I have a 14 hour flight to Australia, what else would I do on it? Which means, that until August 13 expect few, if any posts. In the mean time, here are some big bags I enjoy.

Ever since I was a wee little one I have had a love for black patent. Well, actually shiny things in general, but you get my drift. This is basically everything I want in a bag, big enough for a book, a journal, and a magazine, with pockets for lipgloss and other essentials. Marc Jacobs, why must you tease me so? $388.

I have seen silver shirts in 3000000 stores lately and have resisted buying all of them. I don't care what the "Color Me Beautiful" lady at the Chanel make-up counter says, I do not look best in silver. Well, okay, I might, but still I already have a silver bikini and shirt I bought at Annie Creamcheese last year. Well, anyways, I doubt you care about that. This bag is legitimately awesome, there is no doubt in my mind. Once again Erotokritos has me smitten. $782.

Baskety bags are so springy and fresh and lovely that I can't help but love each and every one. This is no exception especially since it's large (like I said earlier, I enjoy my reading material). $206.50 ON SALE

Chanel will always be remembered for popularizing the quilted bag, Urban Outfitters for hipsterizing it. Still, this is a tote, it's attractive, and it meets the criteria for this post (I enjoy it). And I may even buy it. $38.

Normally I find Kate Spade to be pretty boring and just not that great (good quality, wouldn't buy it though). But, as far as basic totes go this is basically right on target for greatness. $275.

I will always, always love canvas bags and Lacoste is one of my favorite brands (silly, I know). So, naturally, I adore this bag. Notice how the bits I have written about each thing got shorter each time. $200.



Damn Son

I don't wear watches. I just check my phone or ask someone else what time it is. But, after seeing this Versace watch in an ad I just about died. This is my perfect watch. If only it wasn't you know, ridiculously expensive.
Speaking of perfect things, I bought my perfect pair of jeans the other day (they weren't too short, my butt was not hanging out, and they were the perfect wash) for 13 dollars. I was shocked. Mainly because they were marked down from over 100 dollars and jeans that go on sale never fit me. Only really expensive jeans have looked good on me. My body just really enjoys spending loads of money. Anyways, I will have more posts later today. Hopefully. I've been really exhausted lately so who knows.

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Why Don't You Lean on Me?

I actually have a dress problem i was wondering you could address, I've been buying a bunch of cute light weight summer dresses, however (especially the white ones), theyre always so sheer and even with nude underwear, you can still see the outline. So i was just wondering what you wear under your crochet dress or any sheer dress.

SLIPS! SLIPS! SLIPS! Except, properly fitting ones. I actually don't own one that fits. It's a skirt slip and is ridiculously long so I just wear it as a tube top under my dresses but it's too big so I have to strap it to my bra. Thankyou for reminding me that I need to buy a new one. I am the only 16 year old on the planet who seems to enjoy slips though. A lot of my friends just wear spandex under their clothes, my friend Mel is on a crew team and has just started wearing spandex under everything since she wears it at practice. I don't own any spandex, last time I wore a slightly see-through dress I wore my dance tights underneath. They had like 20000 holes in them but still, it worked. Anyways, I suggest these American Apparel gold lame shorts. My crew friend is buying these for practice, she goes to a rather posh all girls school which makes me want to laugh when I think of her wearing these to practice. Anyways, people are going to see that you are wearing spandex under the dress so why not make it flashy? The same crew friend was having a similar issue one day with a really cute yellow cotton J. Crew dress, she had just left the house wearing her normal underwear under the dress. So we spent half of our time looking for a nude thong (which I do not suggest wearing under a shear dress because it's kind of gross to see your butt crack but if you are in a bind then okay) when the lady at the boutique we were in said, "Oh, don't worry about it, just get some nude regular underwear. No one really cares."
And, for the most part, people don't really care that much if you can see a little outline of panty. Unless you are having Easter dinner at the Army Navy Club with your grandparents, just roll with it. Or maybe not? Either way, it's a good idea to invest in a good slip (try Nordstrom's) and a pair of spandex. Lame shorts, $28.

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