Image hosted by Photobucket.com I know everyone's known about Manolo Blahnik's mary jane's forever but these are still my current shoe obsession and this is coming from a girl who hates pointed toe shoes (they are growing on me though, I have a pair of red pointed heels in my closet).
Something about the shiny lime green, the white outline, and the naughty secretary shape make me crazy for it. Besides, this colour is perfect for Summer, especially if you are working. Can't you just see some big lawyer's secretary wearing this to work? Okay. I would wear them if I was a secretary. In fact, I would wear them if I was anything. Nevermind the fact that they cost $485. Don't you just love Manolo Blahnik?
My birthday is in December. It's not too early to get a birthday present, right?

All Night Long

The remedy for staying up all night watching 21 Jump St. and talk to really fun people? Burt's Bees Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser.
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It's 98.31% natural and makes your face nice and soft (as in it removes the damage the chlorine did to your face). It also can remove make-up and there are poppy seeds that softly exfoliate your face. Plus the nice lemony smell wakes you up. What more could you want in a facial cleanser?


Manufactured Casual

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Denim skirts a huge closet staple. If you are under the age of 27 and don't own a jean skirt then some thing is wrong with you. It's like a WASP not owning pearls. And now with the boho trend in full swing people seem to be forgetting how great these skirts are. But do not fear! Denim can be boho (oh come one, every one knows that). Take this pre-scribbled, pre-ripped skirt from Delias. It's perfect for summer and you can wear it with one of those trendy tunics or a black t-shirt and some mod lucite bangles. Screw the trends. You can buy this one for $32.00 from Delias or you can buy one just like it at G+G Rave for much less, they probably have one in your mall. Another option is to just draw on your own skirt. Isn't that a novel concept.


Because I Deserve a Little More

I haven't talked about clothes much lately and well, that's going to continue (okay, so the occasional sweatshirt or bag sale) with my Top 2 Lotions of all Time. They are:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bibo's O-live a Little olive whipped hand and body lotion

I absolutely love this lotion and use it every day. It's nice and light (and not greasy) but still makes your legs/whatever mosturized for hours. Plus it has a nice subtle scent that's not too olivey (because olives are gross). The website says that it's texture is so great because it is whipped. So then, why doesn't every lotion maker make it whipped? I don't know but they certainly should.

Tutti Dolci's Creme Brulee

It smells so good it makes me want to eat it. Get it from Bath and Body works but don't use the testers because they make it really nasty.


Ain't She Sweet

Image hosted by Photobucket.com My school has little torture devices called "activities". They're the hippie version of extracurriculars. What was my activity you ask? Dance. I'm talking "step, shuffle, ball change, ball change" dance. With jazz hands and everything.
Okay. So the 85 year-old instructor (with a broken arm no-less) never used the words "jazz hands" but they were there.
So, it was less than half an hour to the big performance (make that flop. it seems I don't know how to kick in sync with the two boys walking next to me) and the girls were crowded in the bathroom passing my deodorant around. Then Josie dumped a bag full of makeup on the bathroom counter. Of course she had this fabulous powder and concealer from Neutrogena. The last time I wore powder it was cover girl and some how or other they made it even paler than my face. But Neutrogena did it right. This powder matched every girls face, as in tan Erica's and my pinkish-whitish face. It didn't feel like a powder either. Try it. It works and it treats blemishes.


I wonder how many times I've typed the word "sucks" on here?
I'm now making an oath to never type that here. For atleast a month. If I do (inbetween now and June 25) feel free the spam me.

We'll all Float on Okay

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I walked into my kitchen about 2 hours ago to see my Mother's new, cherry red, platformed flip-flops. Yes. They sound cool but don't look cool on a 40 year-old woman with grey "streaks", especially since these look like those floaties flip-flops that were oh-so-cool when I was in 6th grade (and I laughed at all the girls who bought them because in a week they all popped). That's just not right.
But these are just so right. Trendy, but pretty and you can wear all the time (plus cork floats). And, these are one of the cheaper items I've featured on here (only $38). They are by We Who See and you can get them from Uban Outfitters. Seriously, it's a great deal (they cost less than the really cool purple Rocket Dog sneakers I got in 6th grade) so go buy them.
In other news, M.I.A. has the free download of the week on itunes. Very cool. Get it.



Considering how many people dislike me I've decided to make a whole section dedicated to it! (It used to be called Hall of Fame but my friend Gerry made me change it to Lame. and who am I to deny my friends?)

Wow, words can't describe your accomplishment.
They cant describe you either.
I pity you, Leith, to tell you the truth, i dont even understand how people can look at your blog everyday and support you. Your cocky, egotistical, bratty, snobby, anf waaaayyy to self-confient. Your friend, Brenana or w/e? Her too. What a loser "what up w/ da symbolsss....ehhh....im cooler than you peopleess...blahhdd..." put sock in it. And you, these people are trying to say nice things about your blog and your all "well, its just the symbollss are anoyyinggg, justtt like meee..." your a whiner and a stuck up girl.
Take a look at the real world, Leith. Theres more to it than sarcastic comments and the fugly clothes that you insist on showing us.


wow, when i thought these posts couldn't get anyworse you [Brennan] got into the picture. "leith's blog is cool. i like fashion. i like to talk about fashion. i like to hear other people talk about fashion. there you go" i mean, fashion rocks and stuff but wtf who says stuff like that? Theres a WAR going on people! Men are dying to support us, and we repay them by looking at your lame fasion blog all day? coool. very....uhh....nice? No. Face it, i was a fashion-leith-zombie like the rest of y'all when i realized something, why? Fashions cool, but, uh, why? 120$ on a pair a shoes? While there are kids starving in africa? When there are people homeless? Were cool, yeah, were really helping the world, but using fur and wearing heinous pencil skirts. This is good guys.

We shop when what, 7 year olds swim to alkatraz? Do you know what alkatraz even is? Yeah. You might think ur all super cool, but ur just a load of zombies, and thanks to this blog, one step at a time, all of our minds are becoming smaller and smaller.


Leith i think you are cocky, over the top, stupid, and really really have bad taste. Vera Bradly? Yeah, ugly stuff, but some preppy little teenager who just saved up for one is crying now cause u made her feel bad! Honestly, suggestions Leith! And if your going to sate an opinion, be nice about it, Not "EVIL" "VERA BRANDLY SHOUL GO THE WAY OF MY DEAD DOG BWAHAHAHA1"

also, Brenanananaaanananannaafrkslfdjlds, she is one crazy %$#%$! I mean, its on thing to be sarcastic but shes just plain mean. I guess you guys are a perfect match.

Ur cocky. Blah.

I know what your going to say, that if i dont like ur site, i should just leave, but i needed to let that our and let u know that you are not 1/2 the person u think you are. Amen!

-Down With Leith

I suppose you are a mildly stylish person. However, your ambiguous conciet about your 'wisdom' in regards to fashion and music is probably chasing away many potential regular readers.


This is supposed to be Leith's fashion blog, not her Myspace. I don't care about Ms. Nuttle's skirt. I don't care about your friend's topsiders. You should be happy with the amount of readers you got from ElleGirl even if you think they're annoying or whatever causes you to have the attitude you do towards them. When someone pays you a compliment, you thank them and move on. There's a difference between snark and bitchiness, and you need to learn it.


Wow Leith you are one rude chick...do you not want people to read your blog? Because if you don't being rude to them and unappreciative is the way to do it. You aren't a celebrity ps- breeennaa or w/e she isn't so we aren't jealous you know her. Is she as read in person as on the internet? thats all I would like to know? Jenna your symbols are fine!! like wtf...who cares? why would someone even bother to bring that up? Brenas a fag and I don't see how they would make you look desprete or like a seven year old? thats an odd comment and stupid ass comment from Riley *gayass*.

ps- brena those shoes are ugly as hell clearly you have horrible style. pps- go mulan!! brena and leith seem like bitttchess!!


seriously here. 2 words. Personal tastes. Different people like different things. Apparently, 99% of people here hate Vera Bradley. But what about the people who like the bags? What if they have them because they *gasp* like them and not just because everyone else has one. Personally, I don't have one, and I see no huge loss in not having one. But if people like them, let them like them. I mean, people rag on me for liking Britney Spears...oooo...I've liked her since I was like, 7.So really, all depends on your personal taste in things. I think your blog has become a place for you to bitch about fashion. Personal thought about it. Don't care if anyoen disagrees, don't care if anyone gets pissed off. Because I know people feel the same.

and i agree,

why dont you give people tips instead of talking about how ugly things are that people might like?

-(first part) Nicole, (second) Anonymous

yeah, real genius you are. making the world dress fugly one person at a time.


Dear Leith

After reading about you in ELLE Girl, I was fooled into thinking (because of the magazine's slightly more intellectual content in comparison to Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, etc.) that your blog might be worth reading. Obviously I was wrong. You're nothing but a naive, vain, little teenage girl. If there is a single way I can waste my time, it is be reading about what shoes you hope to buy, and what outfits you find hideous. Please know that there are more things to this world than what you wore to the mall yesterday, and realize that not only the content of this blog, but the way you respond to your readers comments, reflects very poorly on you. I hope you come to realize that you have lost many valuable readers,and hopefully change.


Honestly, i'm going to have to agree with michelle. You talk on here like you are some high and mighty who everyone should look up to but then you respond to people with snide little comments that just reflect your immaturity. Simply because this is your blog doesn't mean that you can snap at the people who basically paved the way for you to make it into Ellegirl in the first place. This blog isn't even particularly original, its quite obvious that you are just trying to mirror the attitude of gossip girl books and please dont try to deny it.Br>

I've been taking a glimpse every once and a while to see what's going on within this little blog, as I am a fashion blogger as well and I love to stay up to date with my other writers. However, I must admit, this entry is saddening. Not only was your tone in the piece rather annoying, the rudeness in your comments upsets me. Keep up the good work, you have an eye for fashion- but remember, it's the readers who judge whether or not they'll be staying around, not you. You can be as rude as hell, but you'll end up looking like black-market Louis purse from Canal Street...frustrating, sad, and pathetic.


ok, I've liked your blog for a while and all, but I have to agree with some of the poeple on here. oYou're updates are (no offense) not that good and you're being a bitch frankly. sorry if that offends you in any way, but it's better people tell you now than when you realize people aren 't coming to your blog anymore. And trust me, I think I'm going to be one of those people.


Leith, i have something ive wanted to say to you

Shut the Hell up. Some of your posts are respectable, but blogs qare for personal tastes, not to trash other peoples outfits. So what, if your all about being original, why posts other peoples outfits online and make fun of them?
i HOPE with all my heart your not one of those girls at school who thinks shes all that because she doesn't shop at pac sun or a and f, ive seen those girls, i used to be one of those girls. But then they're was the Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina and i realized....hell, why rate and judge other people on their clothes, i still love fashion, but its about personal taste, not about trends. You talk about fashion like its some sort of savior.

Dont tell me to X out of the page, people are here to post they're opinions, good and bad.

Take a look around everyone, there is so much more.


Gawd blimey, I'm a limey and this shit is boring. Fashion. Yeah, well fashion is something you's clearly know jack poop about. BARF, barf......rich kids...american teens...original wannebes...suckage fook. Bore bore bore....damn he's fine....pretentious blighters. YAWWWWWWWN.


Ain't Nobody Crying

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Smile Like You Mean it

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My parents suck and I'm not allowed to go to The Killers concert anymore (I really don't see why, I would have gone with a Reverend too) so no stories about me getting arrested for jumping on Brandon Flowers. But I do have a short (and kind of lame since I'm the one telling it) story about The Killers and this kid, Josh, that I go to school with. He met them! And apparently they are really nice and awesome. But every one knows they are awesome. Especially since they can still look so adorable after putting their peckers on some chick's shoulders.
In other (some what fashion related) news. Okay it's not really news but my friend Carly found some kick ass sunglasses and a really gnarly bag. Gnarly's not really the word. I guess adorable but I already used that today.


Cuddle Up

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYeah. Jet lag sucks, especially when your mother yells at you that you can't miss school to sleep (waking up at 6:25 am is no fun even if you are jet lagged). So, all week I've wanted to just crawl up on our new leather couch, listen to Beck and watch SNL re-runs on E. Unfortunately I have things called finals next week and I'm failing my english project (why the hell can't my myth about monsters killing people be funny? I'd rather hear about Achilles' metro-sexual son who partied with the kick-ass God Milo then some lame ass story about people killing monsters). But, there is something close to sitting on the couch and watching tv, wearing a cute sweatshirt to school and making plans to see Star Wars tomarrow. Isn't this one perfect for that? It's a nice hoodie but has a fun little woodland design (like that Jet video, minus all the attacking). So, when you're falling asleep in Spanish class and trying to justify why you wanted Trey to kill Ryan on the O.C. you can look good. If you are willing to spend $82 on this Rebe sweatshirt.


Just Stuck Inside the Gloom

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Natalie, darling, I love you because you have gorgeous brown hair and are the perfect deceased mother for Luke Skywalker BUT what? I know this is just for movie V is for Vendetta but you look a bit like my brother. With make up one (which really isn't a stretch with him). You look like a little Elf that I want to pick up, put in my pocket, and then use whenever I need the answer for science test (you went to Harvard, of course you know where the Juan de Fuca plate is). Maybe your hair is like mine and will grow back quickly?
I'm sure you'll look cute in a pixie cut but G.I. Jane just isn't the look for you. Unless you like the 12 year old boy cancer survivor look.


American Vintage

You would think that because there are so many hippies in Annapolis (if you've ever met some one who went/is going to St. Johns College you know why) there would be some really groovy vintage stores. Uhh yeah. All the botoxed preppy bitches with 5 kids got rid of that reefer madness a long time ago.
Leith is just a little bitter about going home tomarrow.
Whenever I want to go to a "vintage" store I have to force my Mum to drive me to Good Will. The only good thing I've gotten there were a pair of black heels (they look like dancing heels, you know Broadway) that were originally sold at Target. Real Classy.
Thankfully, LA has a really great street called Melrose (you know you've watched that show) with a couple of great vintage stores. My favorite? American Vintage. I bought a really great belt there but they have cool miniskirts made out of ties, boy scout uniforms, fun bowler hats, and, if you want to go gothic for prom/whatever, $25 Victorianish wedding dresses. I even got a free scarf with the belt I purchased. So if you're in LA GO THERE. It's cool and they play good rap, which is a rarity.


Because the Sun Still Shines

I`m in LA. Unfortunatly I have to use my grandpa`s old laptop and most of the keys don`t work so well (that`s why the apostrophes are really screwy looking). It turns out that I will not be able to go to pretty much all the stores I mentioned because
a) My aunt wants to go shopping with me and her favorite place to go is somewhere where the stores arenĀ“t (I think, I kind of forget where it is)
b) I have to pay for my Killers tickets and so I have no money. Maybe my dad will give me some.
So! Expect short updates maybe. This laptop is really killing me because you have to pres the z key to get y and the y key to get z. Completely ridiculous, I know. Time to go play pool with my brother (aka family hols suck)


The Stores

I'm going to LA tomarrow and am planning on doing some reviews of stores (which will mainly consist of me saying they suck because they had no bathroom when I had to pee). Here are the ones I'm planning on going to, feel free to suggest any and I'll try to get to them. I'm spending the whole vacation with my uncle, my dad, and my brother and they aren't really wetting themselves with exictment when I bring up shopping. Anyways, here are the stores:
Iguana Vintage Clothing
That Marc Jacobs store that opened a couple of months ago
The Wasteland
Fifi & Romeo (it's a dog store but they have some really ace collars)


The Life of Luxury is for Me

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSoil texture is very important when it comes to understanding your soil and what it can do for you.
Just for having to write that my Mother should buy me this argyle sweater vest from L.A.M.B. Hell, at $117.00 it's cheaper than hiring some one to kill my science teacher (this is just a guess because I don't know how much a hitman costs right off the bat). But really, why the hell should I know how to analyze soil? So that I can become a gardener and not be able to afford this gorgeious sweater vest? I wouldn't even be able to wear this half the time with work and all (manual labor and cashmere don't mesh that well). Maybe if I'm really rich I'll save my money by testing my soil to see if I can grow roses or not? Oh yeah. I'm going to Columbia for college (if I can stand any more school) which is in New York. Lots of gardens there. And then, I'll have a fabulous job at a fashion magazine (hopefully Elle because The Wintournater is like a cockroach) IN A CITY (idealy New York because I love me some bad Chinese food). And this vesty thing will look great while I'm walking the streets to go to class. See, it's really an investment.

The Girl Who Lived

Image hosted by Photobucket.com If you know atleast one nerdy freak (me) you should know that there are teaser posters for the new Harry Potter movie coming out and talk of a trailer (or has it come out all ready? I'm a little behind). Anyways, every one should be celebrating that the movie is coming out. Why? Because there is a character in the books named Oliver Wood. And the incredibly gorgeous Irish (my Grandmummy would love him) actor who plays him is named Sean Biggerstaff. Now, I doubt he'll be in this movie (didn't he graduate or something?) but there's still a chance. So, wear this lightning bolt necklace with pride.
Yeah. I needed an excuse for a lightning bolt necklace. Can we move on?
Get it from a completely hideous and annoying web site called Girl Props for $9.99.


My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jayson Brunsdon's show at Australian Fashion Week had some really kick ass clothes. Don't you want that little black dress?


You Know You Love ME

Oi Vey!!! I just recieved a very lovely e-mail from Aimee May in which she said she cracks me up. Which is really the highest compliment any one can pay to me, especially since only three people (that I know of) have said that about me. One being my father and that was only because I was making fun of all the Irish people who died because they didn't have enough potatoes (Let them eat cake!!) and the other two are Benny and her sister. So go be nice and visit her blog because it's great and funny (which is all that manners in life).
I will try to update regularly...soon. Life's been kind of crazy because of my trip to LA coming up and the school camping trip I have next month (and then Killers concert the day we get back).


Primp My Shopping Cart

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I know, sweatshirts are fugly and they 80's where a bad, bad decade for fashion. BUT don't you love this sweatshirt? More importantly though the brand, Primp, that makes it is cool (this was the only picture where the model didn't look Mischa Barton skinny). Thye have fun, Heatherette-ish designs that look really adorable. Yes, Courtney Peldon has worn their stuff and she has a section of Go Fug Yourself but lets just ignore that, please? Rachel Bilson wears it and she has some cute clothes.
Okay, they are fantastic clothes. Make fun of them all you want but you know you'll be rocking them at a beach party this summer.