I Make Spanish and Accesories go Together

Image hosting by Photobucket I spent the whole weekend studying for my Spanish exam. Okay, that's a lie. I saw Brokeback Mountain on Saturday (go see it) and I fell asleep watching Erin Brockovitch on Friday (which is really just sad since I had planned on going out). Anyways, I studied for the first time since 6th grade and the test ended up being the easiest Spanish test all year. What is wrong with that woman? She told me I had to teach myself a whole unit of vocab because she just forgot to teach it to us and then it ended up not being on the test. She's a lunatic.
Anyways. This necklace is quite cute isn't it? It's a nice take on pearls, I'm sick and tired of seeing the blah white pearl necklaces. It's called the Hope Charm necklace. And it gives me hope that absolutely evil/insane Spanish teacher will be commited. I'm completely serious. I get in trouble in her class for taking notes. Oh well, I don't have her next semester so it is all good. Buy this necklace from Carolyn Koslen. And check out her other jewelry because it's all really pretty and pearly. But not white and boring.


I Know Highschool's Hard But, Honestly!

As I was walking in the hallway today, wondering what exactly is the point of matter and energy (I don't know anyone who actually care's about whether or not energy can be destroyed) I saw the most...frightening outfit in the entire world. Okay, it wasn't the most frightening outfit but it was pretty horrific. Unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of what this girl was wearing.
Before I go into details I think you need some background information. I've seen this girl a lot in the hallways and at lunch, I don't know her name but I've started calling her Fifi. Fifi's one of those girls who likes to wear the whole rainbow of day-glo colors in one outfit. And scarves. I've noticed she has a thing for purple fuzzy scarves.
Anyways, today she was wearing a denim mini skirt, leopard print leggings, fishnets underneath those leggings, and to top it off (because, honestly I could go with the whole glam rocker leopard print leggings if I had to) she had leopard print high heals on. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure she was wearing a flourescent blue shirt with a hot pink tank top over that.
Yes, my friends, there is such a thing as too much animal print even though, in case you didn't notice, I love animal prints.
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Jealous Much?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com By now you must have seen the Gucci Envy Me ads, so you've atleast heard of it. Whcih is great. But, there's something you need to know about it.
It smells freakn' awesome.
Even my punkish friend who is permanently commando and never wears perfume agrees with me. She used some of mine to spray on her spikey bracelet because it was smelling a little wonky. I just wish she still had half of her hair shaved off. That would have been amazing.
Anyways, it's got about a million scents in it and I really don't feel like naming them. But, it's quite flowery and a little spicey. Probably because of something called pink pepper. Are those natural?? Can you eat them? Are they really pink? Or did they just call the dye they used pink pepper? That's a bit disapointing.
Buy it. Love it. And use it while you listen to Stars.


I Could Say a Cliche About Zebras But I Won't

Image hosted by Photobucket.com So, Happy new years everyone! I turned 15 on new years eve (yay!) and had loads of fun considering I was only home for one hour that day.
Anyways, on with the shopping! Early in December I got a Delias catalogue and saw this cardigan. Of course, I leapt off the couch and shoved the picture in my Mom's face and told her to get it for me. I guess that didn't really work since I never got it. But, luckily, I have birthday money and ordered it yesterday. It's perfect for now since it's got that trendy animal print but it can also be worn in the spring too because neutrals and whatnot will be oh so cool then. Don't I plan ahead.
Oh that's such a lie. I would have bought it no matter what. It's just too amazing and very Alexander McQueen. Of course, you have to ignore the purple t-shirt and garish "no really I made it in my knitting activity" scarf. ( Yes, I once took knitting and I've never finished a scarf. Ever. Which is really sad because I first learned how 3 years ago.)
All of my failures aside, it's on sale for $34 at Delias.