The 80's Weren't That Bad, I Think

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Yes, I'm one of those dorks who loves the 80's (I watched I Love the 80's on VH1 and suddenly I'm an expert), not that I was alive during the 80's (I was born in 1990). This dress is 80's enough to be fun but modern enough to not be totally hideous. I can definitly see myself wearing this to my formal the end of the year (if only people actually got dressed up). In this picture it kinda looks like you can see this girls hooha but you really can't. You can buy it for $160 here. But be fast because only one is available.

Oh the Humanity!

Tyra Banks wants to keep her cleavage to herself from now on. The American supermodel, who is currently presenting the America's New Top Model reality series, says it's time to hide her boobs. "I've been the sexpot-type model kinda girl for so long – I've been modeling since I was 15," she says. "Now I'm doing a talk show and moving into other areas, I'm hosting these girls ands being a den mother on my model show, so it's time to retire all this, I think."
From Vogue News
Tyra, honey, do you realise what you are doing? My boobs are really hurt by what you are saying. You know they live vicariously through yours! My little puppies could never do what yours have done. Now they have to look up to Britney Spears and she's getting fat.


Indesicive Minds...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Aaah, it's the scabies girl from America's Next Top Model. What shall Janice do with her? More importantly what should I say about her? Some times I think she is the most annoying bitch ever. Then, sometimes, on ocassion (oh god I'm quoting those Big O commericals. save me), I like her. Most of the time I'm just laughing at her because she is just too much like me. I'm surprised I haven't gotten that skin thing she has.
Normally she looks rather butch but in this picture she looks like Keira Knightly with a cheap boob job (and by cheap I mean small implants). I'm still trying to think of what to do with her. She is a professional wrester so maybe she should wrestle with Eva from last season. I would pay to see that. Next time I blog I will have a great solution for her.
Don't get me wrong, I love the girl to bits but she really is too...manish for the modeling world. Unless she wants to be on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Oh My!

Straight from Richie Rich himself (via the Heatherette message board):
We are in the midst of developing a Heatherette television show which will be jammed packed with our daily lives and crazy nights!!!
Of course our friends will all be in it such as Amanda Lepore and all the "kidz".....you know like Aimee, Macky and Drew, Eric, and Jun Bug!
I for one will be watching, whatever channel it's on.

Listen to Rilo Kiley

Personal Jesus

Image hosted by Photobucket.com When most designers are starting a new ad campaign for their mens line they normally go for an actor who is good looking but nothing to amazing. Basically the "safe" guys. Vivienne Westwood is just too cool for that. The latest ad campaign they have MARYLIN MANSON. Yes, Mr. Boob-Implants himself. Alright, so I've known for a while that he was doing to campaign but it was in Vouge Hommes so I figured I'd blog about it. This is certainly something I know I love.

Because You Wanna

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Every girl (and boy) needs a pair of cropped khaki's for spring. Besides you can wear them with a bikini in the summer and you'll look gawgeous. I own a pair of Roxy cropped khakis but they make me look like a butch surfer and I would love to have these by Joie. You can get them from Shop Bop.com for $130. So go on, buy them and look stunning.


Some Things Never Change

picture from gettyimages.comIt's only two days into spring break and I'm allready bored out of my mind. Every one I know is a douche and they aren't throwing parties. So I'm open to any questions/comments/insults/stories you have for me. Just e-mail me at yesiminvisible@hotmail.com. I would really love some stories of the interesting stuff you have done over Spring Break. I already know yours has been better then mine. And if you don't have spring break then sucks for you, you poor soul. Actually, at my school they don't have Spring Break because the public school system is evil. Maybe I should just learn to appreciate this short break I have now. Or I could run away to New York and not come home until I'm 26 and famous. That would fabulous.

What a Difference a Gay Guy Makes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Say what you will about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy but I love that show. Every one has their favorites, mine is the nerdy cook guy (his voice is so funny!) my Mum's is the latino (?) one who does "culture". Carson is, by far, the funniest though. In fact the show has made him into a straight girl who-has-never-met-a-gay-man's icon. My aunt met him once and it was quite funny. I think it was right after the first episode aired becuase he introduced himself as Sparky who it turns out is his horse (yes, I know). He got the job by chance though, he was standing in an elevator with one of the producers and they offered the job to him. I have a feeling some heavy flirting was going on though, you know he's the slutiest of the cast. Any ways, Carson is what makes the Fab 5 better than the Gal Pals. The fact that there is only one lesbian on the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Gal (or is it girl? I watched it once) shows how...great lesbian fashion is. I mean you would think that they could find at least five. I've met most of the lesbian's in Pennsylvania (my other aunt is a lesbian and is a bitch so no one stays with her for that long) and they wear golfing shorts every day of the year so I'm kind of glad there is only one on the show.

Stein Mart, Baby

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Yesturday I went into D.C. (you know, where our idiot president lives) and spent the whole day with my ex-model grandmother hearing stories about her visits to the Moulin Rouge (she went with her parents when she was 16, and her father got her a date with a French boy) and shopping at her latest love, Stein Mart.
When I first walked in I was...scared. It was like some retired golfer's wardrobe threw up all over the place. I did make a few nice discoveries though, an argyle shirt and a nice see through pink blouse. Then, when my mom was at the register paying I saw two fabulous dresses. They were by BCBG, one wrap dress and another dress that made my boobs look big (which is kind of nice because mine are kinda like half lemons). I showed them to my grandma and she insisted I buy them. I looked at the price tag on one of the dresses, $148 BUT it was reduced to $12.99! I almost died of happiness. I love those dresses too. I'm wearing the wrap one now. There are some left too, so if you are in the D.C. area go! Here's the address:
5345 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 200
Washington, DC 20015


Be Quiet, Don't Cry

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The best lipgloss for spring? Cry Baby by Chanel. I have no clue why it's called cry baby but it's nice and got me through those hellish study periods at camp (err, yeah I went to nerd camp....). It's a great color that goes on sheer and goes with nearly every skin color. Wear it with a fun dress to a fabulous party and you'll be set.


No, Not on the Phone

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Rings are always in style, how can they not be? You can be like my mom and wear 50 million gold rings or you can be really cool and get some great lucite rings. The Carrot Box has some really cute rings. The prices vary from $2-$25 but you can get bruised rings for a lot less (like $1). Plus plastic is really durable so you can wear them all the time (not that that stops my mom from wearing her gold rings every where, she's practically the female Donald Trump).


Rojo, Rojo!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Red is an alright color, except it always reminds me of when I went to Medieval Times for my 13th birthday and we were assigned the red night. My mom had her latino-radar on and realised that our night was Spanish (well, she fancied him so I don't think it would have mattered if he was or not) and got the bright idea to get my whole family to shout, "Rojo! Rojo!" over and over. The bar wenches (haha, that word always makes me laugh) just kind of stared at us with pity. Then afterwards (because my birthday is on New Year's Eve there was this big party afterwards) my aunt got the yellow night to dance with me. He had red hair. So I've been scarred for life when it comes to that color.
This Marc Jacobs bag is bringing me on the road to slight recovery. Slight because it's $1,200 but I'll be a succesful journalist/screenplay writer/director/movie-costume-chick and I'll be able to afford it one day. Because, they practically give designer bags to Oscar winners (and honey, I will have an Oscar). Now I better add it to my wishlist just in case one of my aunts wins the lottery....

It's Easter, Baby

Guess what! Easter is this sunday (and for all you non-christian-tortured kids out there that's when Jesus became a zombie) and that means Spring is here. Which means new shirts and great shoes. Here are some fantastic tops from ASOS.com.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A nice pastel green, perfect for easter but it's still a stellar halter with a nice brooch on the side! Yes, that little peice of fabric on the side would drive me crazy but I'm weird and it looks nice. It's $40.92.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Corsets are nice and this mock corset by Wheels and Dollbaby is fabulous! Light pink, another cliche spring color but it looks nice with the bow and lace it has a fun boudior feel. If only I had the boobs for a shirt like this. And the wallet, it's $185.98.


She Wore a Teeny Weeny, Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I actually didn't have to write that silly thesis, which is good because I didn't write it. I did have to write an essay on Niger, which luckily I did write. Plus I had to do a million other projects just because next week is Spring break. I can feel the love from my teachers.
Speaking of Spring break every one needs a new bathing suit while they are in Cancun (or sitting on the coach wishing they were in Cancun) and JG4B has some of the most fabulous, and most original, bathing suits. It's a fantastic blend of Jasper Goodall's graphic designs and Louise Middleton's bathing suits. So go to the website and stare at those fantastice bikinis, and if you really want to buy one.


Rain, Rain

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I know I talk about Coach alot but their spring collection is really fantastic. Take this trench coat, it's perfect for spring and it's bright but not too garish. The trim is nice and basically the whole jacket is fabulous. It's great for walking to the local Rita's Italian Ice (the perfect meal for spring/summer) and for walking around the school farm (yes, it used to be a farm). I comes in pink and white too. The price is $498 though but you can probably get one just like it at Good Will. So grab some big sunglasses and your Prada wedges and head on out in the rain, you know you look fabulous. Let me live through you, because there is no way in hell that's going to happen with the 3 projects I have to do today. Any one want to write a thesis paper on The Most Dangerous Game?

I <3 LA

Marc Jacobs just opened their Los Angeles store! I for one am insanely exicted because I'm going to LA in May! All I need is to find a job and then I'll be set!
Speaking of LA their police departmen spent a month trying to find Slash's, of Guns and Roses fame, top hat. Did any one even know it was missing? Isn't it great to know though that they are working on crime so hard there! I'll feel so safe when I visit.

As Long as it Looks Good

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Normally I just turn to Kohls when I really desperatly need a bra and I'm broke. But we got their sales catalogue with the comics today and some of the shoes there are really adorable. And since it's almost Spring (one week to be exact) I thought I would find my favorite slides you can get from them.
These are a steal at $30.00 and come in light blue too. But the black is nice a classic and goes with everything. So, if you desperatly need shoes and have barely any money head on over to Kohls and buy these. Who could say no to these adorable shoes anyways?


Maybe Hipper than Hip

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I love my ipod but sometimes I really think it looks boring. Thankfully, MacSkinz has an artists collection of skins for ipods! Unfortunatly I have an ipod mini and these are for 4th and 3rd generation ipods. But that doesn't mean you can't have one! They are scratch and chemical resitent and the skins are really thin so your ipod will fit in most cases still. Each set is $50.00 but totally worth it because they are just way too cool. MacSkinz also has some regular skins that fit minis but they are not nearly as awesome as these. You know you want to be the first one to have one of these. The styles vary a lot so I'm sure you will find one that fits you perfectly, whether you want a pin up or a funky robot. Now, I have to go hit myself over the head for get a mini instead of a regular ipod.


The Love of My Life

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I would like to take a moment to express my love toward my Emilio Pucci heels. Every girl has a special bond with their first pair of designer shoes (I didn't even buy them, they were too big for my aunt so she gave them to me and luckily my feet had stopped growing), especially when they are as fabulous as these. Let's see, I think I was around 11 when I got them and started my life as a shallow girl obsessed with shoes. Aaah, the memories.



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm always on the lookout for good shoes and look at the fabulous shoes I found by Lanvin. The sole and heel are made out of wood and the heel is 10 cm high. The satin is really nice, although you have to be careful when you wear them (as in, there is no way in hell I'm wearing them at my it-used-to-be-a-farm-aren't-we-so-earthy-school). Oh, how I love Lanvin though.

Boho Done Right

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Whenever some one tries to follow a trend they run the risk of looking like a...trend whore. Fortunatly Coach has made a bag that's Boho enough for the trendiest girl but some one who's not that into the boho look, like me, (I blame it on the fact that I'm surrounded by hippies). This bag is not for the girl on a budget though, it's $398. You know you want it though. Besides, I'm sure the Korean lady at the mall has a knockoff you can get for $20! (and yes, she is Korean)


Love Me, Love Me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com If you've read anything on this blog (or any blog I've written at) you know I love shiny stuff. You might not know that I also love tanks (I get hot really easily) but it's hard to find a decen tank top that's not an apliqued beater. I've finally found one that is perfect! It comes from Armani Exchange and is on sale (it used to be $120.00) and is now $70. It also comes in black but this one is perfect with jeans and some black sling backs (I'm thinking some by Via Spiga that I saw in a Lucky ad).


Burt's Bees

Image hosted by Photobucket.com For those of you that have never had the pleasure of using Burt's Bees chapstick (or any of their products) I'm pleased to announce that ASOS is selling their products! It's $5.58 for the chapstick though, if you really want it cheap you have to look around for it. I've only seen their stuff for sale in really random places, gift shops in New Mexico, the Johns Hopkins College book store (they also had a lot of Nuetrogena stuff), and the local grocery store, Grauls.
Why should you want Burt's Bees? Well, for one it's all natural (which is why it's rather expensive). The chapstick is also really great and pepperminty (like C.O. Bigelow lip gloss). So, if you ever find their stuff for sale grab it!


'Cause I'm a Star Baby

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Aaah, so it's not summer yet but I can still think about summer. You know, sitting on a blanket at camp listening to Led Zeppelin or Lil' John, some times even Alanis Morissette, and staring at the latest guy I'm trying to get (but I never will because I'm too young and a spaz around hot older guys). But at the same time I'm trying to hide from my adoring fans (aka the guys that said they got high off of dust from the ceiling and had a habit of staring into my dorms bathroom). Every celebrity needs some fabulous big sunglasses and these Dior ones will do the trick. In fact I'm pretty sure I saw one of the Olson twins wearing these....

We'll Always Have Paris...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com My absolute favorite look from the Paris fall ready-to-wear collection is this one from Lanvin. It's nice, classic, and I could see Audrey Hepburn having her breakfast in front of Tiffany's in it. This is something I would wear to the Nutcracker with my grandparents or at home watching Project Runway re-runs. The Lanvin collection had many different variations of this that suit all types of bodies. They also had some amazing dresses that would look stunning at the Oscars. Go look at their collection now!

Heatherette, How I Love You So

I'm a Heatherette freak. And I'm happy to announce that they are having a fashion show with Marc Jacobs (yay!) and J-Lo (yay.) to launch the new Playstation 3 (oh good lord, another game system for my brother). They are also hosting a party at Atomic on March 18 check out the invite. All curtesy of the Heatherette website.


Museum Gift Shops are the Best

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Today my school took us to the African and Asain Art Musuems in Washington DC. It was fun, I guess, but I made an amazing discovery in the gift shop of the Asain Art Museum. 80 cent postcards. Yes. They kick ass and Bizarrverlag makes the best. So, if you want some crazy postcards (I bought one with a baby riding a rocket ship and a border with robots crying) check them out and go to some museums.
Not only did the gift shop have awesome postcards but they had fuzzy dice (awesome), hello kitty books (even more awesome), and bouncing dashboard Buddha's. Aaah, the strangeness of the Asain gift shops.


Look at us We're Beautiful

Unfortunatly my teachers have noticed that I have a problem doing my homework and they are getting a little pissy (I don't know why, me turning in my homework means more work for them...). So, I've got to buckle down and do my work (eck). Because of that there will probably be less posts here. That is until the weeken rolls around, which is when I sit around in my pjs watching the Style channel (it's not my fault that my friends never go out!).
Right now I've gotten (most of) my homework done and I decided to show you guys the shoes I'm lusting after.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The classic black shoe by Gucci. I have one a lot like it but it's red and from Payless (it was $7, how could I resist?).
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I know the picture looks awkward but it was the only one I could get. Big, purple shoes are the best. They are by Louis Vuitton by the way.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Another shoe I've talked about on We Love Fashion but it's just too cool to not talk about. Why? It's crocheted for Pete's sake! It's also by Marc Jacobs which, before his last collection, would have garanteed it's awesome (erkk, how did he make those skinny models seem so chunky!).

Shiny, Shiny

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Finding a decent jean skirt isn't hard. Finding a decen jean skirt that has cool rhinestones on it is though. Yeah, I should hate this skirt but the glam-rock- girl in me is crying out for it. Plus it's only $27.90 (from ASOS.com). With a black tank and some heels you can be the best looking groupie at the concert (what, a girl can dream...). If only I could find one just like it but with just the buttons on the side....I smel a d.i.y. project (oh the horror!).

Shoot Your Hairstylist

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Drew Carey was never handsome and rarely funny (okay, on Who's Line is it Anyway's he had some funny moments) but this hair style makes him look like an ass. Some how or other is made him look fatter (not good) and made we want to gag. The hair and glasses makes him look like one of the people I see at the donut shop on my way to school in the mornings (which is not good, okay so there were some hot guys there once but they looked a little shifty). I can imagine him going fishing with this gay guy who sweeps the rugs at the grocery store next to the donut shop. By the way, this isn't a stylish gay guy. His stomach is almost wider than Drew's and the only clothes I've seen him in are some brown/black (I really forget) pants, a wool hat, and a black jacket.
So, get rid of the hair. And maybe stay away from movie premiers (even if they are for animated movies, you scare little children).


London Sole

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Spring is a day less than 3 weeks away and it's already feeling like it in Annapolis. In honor of spring (finally) ariving here are some lovely ballet flats from London Sole. These are their "city toes" but they have a wide and colorful selection that any one would love. Perfect for you, or your mom, you know you want them.


A Lethal Combination

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've love espadrilles since I was 5 and visited my Spanish great-grandparents in Florida (My great-grandma was the queen os espadrilles and wigs). I've also loved sequins once I realised that being a tomboy really doesn't work for me (you cannot love doing your Barbie's hair and be a tomboy). However, together they make me what to rip my feet off. Maybe some one, some day, can make some cute sequined espadrilles but BC Shoes are not the people to get the job done. And by the way, no one should have to pay $34 for any espadrilles, any Latina lady can get them in Florida for a buck fifty.

Creepy Little Things

Last night when my Mum got the mail she gave me my ElleGirl and I started reading it right away (Elle + cute guys=Leith happy). I was reading the staff page (they always have cute little things on it) and noticed some amazing patches by Mickry 3. Image hosted by Photobucket.com So I just had to check them out. Half of the website is in Swedish (which can be confusing if you are half asleep) but over all they are really cool, if a little creepy. Don't you just love this patch, little monsters puking rainbows are just too cool.


Stella McCartney Ready to Wear-Milan

I know it's a little late to talk about the Stella McCartney show in Milan but I just got around to looking at the collection and I wanted to show you all my favorites:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I love this coat, and the boots are really snazzy. Which means that they rock because I don't like boots all that much...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This dress is fabulous. The detail is just right, making it simple but not boring, which is always good.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another dress and I'm pretty sure this one comes in black too. It's a really nice shape and the colour is unique (as a colour can get). Those are some kick ass shoes too.

Overall I thought the collection was really lovely and flowy. The hair could have been in improved (pony tails really irk me) but the make up is nice. If a little 12 year-old-ish.

If only the Coach store in my mall actually had good bags...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's March and spring is almost here! That means buying new clothes (because you outgrew your old ones) and of course, new bags. This pink Coach bag is darling and perfect for school during the spring. At $128 tt's also pretty inexpensive (for a Coach bag). The strap is long and you can fit your ipod and other essentials in it (like your pink Hello Kitty hairbrush, your wallet, all the lipgloss you can fit, and don't forget the dryer sheets in case of static!).

I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen it comes to Gwen Stefani you either love her or hate her. I for one love her. When I found out she was coming out with a line of clothes I flipped out. Unfortunatly it's all really expensive (shite!) however there are some clothes that I stare at every day, one of them is the cardigan I have featured in this post.
Cardigans are really great because they can make any outfit look classy (okay, not any, I'm sure Little Kim could whore-ify the cardigan) but it doesn't have to look preppy. This cardigan is really hard to make preppy (although I know the girl who could do it). Besides, you know you want LAMB right above your boob.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com I talked about Maloles on We Love Fashion but I figured it would be a good idea to talk about them here.
Maloles shoes are unique but still wearable and they come in a variety of colors. There's the green pumps and the teal mary janes. Don't forget the black and white ballet flats! You can buy them in LA and New York. I really suggest looking at their funky ballet flats. There are some with fish swimming on them (if they came in kids sizes they would be perfect for the little girls I see in the preschool) and some with leopard prints (rather garish but still cool).

Cross Dressing at it's Best

Amazingly enough some people took what I said to heart (I didn't think anyone read this...) because there were people in nice blazers.
They were girls.
One guy wore a blazer. He's the rockn' Evan.
I have no problem with cross dressers (I tried to convince my brother to become a drag queen when we were younger) but they did it wrong. When a girl cross dresses you have to work hard at it. Mainly you should go for the Annie Hall look. Not the secret service member look. Yes, they even had the dark sunglasses and stood in the corners of the room. It was rather...strange. I was really hoping that they would take down creepy Mr. Shweitzer and his camera.


Oh Boy

I have a school dance today (but no school...) and I just have to complain. The boys I know cannot dress. We have gotten some of them to wear jeans instead of sweat pants all the time. However, many of them still wear sweatpants. Well, let me correct that, sweat suits. All white sweat suits. It's really offensive to my poor eyes. Even the guys who dress "nicely" look off. Their idea of nice clothes is a solid colored polo. Ech. We go to private school but if your going to wear a polo atleast make it interesting. Like this one:

Yeah, it looks a little dull but this would be a big step for them. And argyle is a fabulous pattern. They also think that dressing up is wearign khakis and a hot pink polo. As if. A nice blazer would look much better, and there is still pink in it!

Now, isn't that nice (but more importantly, isn't the model cute!).
There is some one who is a worse dresser than the guys, my brother.

Yes. I have another picture of him where you can see all of his clothes but he actually looks happy in it and my mother would yell at me because he would get upset.
Stupid Hugo (yes that is his name).


Birkenstocks and Pea Coats Really Aren't Working

My school is a hippie private school. Every one who goes there knows this. Especially the upperschoolers. They are hippies with trust funds. Wearing Birkenstocks and pea coats, their hair wavy or in dreads and the sailing team's mascot is a revised version of the Grateful Dead's skull. You can tell what they do in their free time.
I wanted to introduce those (aspiring?) hippies out there (or those that just love the Boho look) to these great Bass flip flops. Yeah I know, bass isn't exaclty every one's visio of cool but once you put these shoes on you will never want to take them off. They are $24.99 and their's free shipping on the website (although I suggest going to an outlet, they always have the flipflops there.
I know the shoes look a little...ugly in the picture but really they are quite charming in person. I would take a picture of mine but they are filthy (wearing them in New Jersey can do that). Be warned that if you wear them and your feet are wet they will turn your feet red which can look a little funky, but they are totally worth it. So go out their in your gypsy skirt and buy 'em. You'll rock the boho look better than Kate Moss.


The Little Black...Bag

Every one knows about the Little Black Dress but what about the little black bag? It's truly and acessories staple and if you don't have one what is wrong with you?
The bag on the left is a fabulous croc (eek) Gucci purse. It costs, umm, alot. It's $8,500. Maybe I can find it for cheap on Ebay...
If the croc is too much for you how about a little Kate Spade (even though her bags tend to bore me...). This one is much cheaper, $215. I'm sure it has a enough room for all my crap, I mean supplies. Plus the draw string seems really handy.
The next bag is buy Tanner Krolle and it's $825. Yes, it looks like a canoe but it's a fabulous canoe. It kind of reminds me of my Mom's cowboy boots though...You know you can rock it with some jeans, stilletos and a gorgeous t.
For those of you that have no money (me) there is the PayLess bag. It's cute, looks designer, and so what if it's a knockoff. It costs $16.99. And apparently it's by Maybelline (maybe she's born with it!) which is pretty cool (not that I suggest their makeup).
The final bag is by Rock The Tote and is only 12 freakn' dollars! Plus whatever is the coolest word from Clueless.

"Clean out Vivienne Westwood in my Galliano gown..."

Hello! I'm Leith and this is my fashion(ish) blog. You might know me as that girl who posted way too much at We Love Fashion ( a livejournal community I made). Now I've started my own blog (hello!) and you know you love it.

This post I'm going to talk aboutthese fabulous Vivienne Westwood shoes. Shiny (something I love) and they have a heel, a match made in shoe heaven. Now if only Payless made some just like them so that I can buy them...