Let's Make Fun of Public School Kids (Even though I've made friends with a bunch)

"I would wear heels to school but only the slutty girls wear them."
Yes. Welcome to my new school, only the "friendly" girls wear heels (and those shoes really look like "working the docks" shoes), a majority of the kids wear polos and tote bags. They aren't even real preps though because I haven't seen one set of pearls yet. And I just don't like tote bags enough to have one with me everyday. I need my fancy shmancy purses. Oh yes. I thought public school would be a bit like Mean Girls or Jawbreaker or something. Umm. no. The school is just filled with girls with too much eyeliner on who love uggs. Scary. Well. Atleast I haven't seen the kids who were wearing capes and giant Musketeer hats during orientation.


"Put The Gun Down, Bunny."

Thanks to AF Vandevorst I can be a snowbunny assasin for Halloween. Oh how I love fall.

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You All Know I'm a Barefooted Hippie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I just don't get these shoes. Yeah, they are fun novelty shoes and could work on some really cool chick at a Stray Cats concert but those aren't the kind of girls I see wearing these. Of course not. When I was in New York I saw a lady wearing a velour sweat suit and these shoes. Why? You probably haven't seen your daughter wear these. I've never seen any one under the age of 18 wearing them. It just bewilders me. I should like them. I mean, I think I like them but...they just are a little off. Wow. This really reminds me of a conversation I had with Benny. Except we were talking about a person. Actually I've had this conversation multiple times with different people about the same person. But I don't think you care.
Please, don't buy these shoes unless who feel like being a fashion victim for Halloween (you know, wedge+moccasin=this shoe).
Okay, honestly. I don't know why I keep on talking about shoes. I don't even wear shoes most of the time during the summer. I promise the next time I write it will not be about shoes.

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Thank's Carly


If You Stop Believing in Me

Fashion and music can go together. Okay. This is just a crap post plugging one of my favorite bands, THE UNICORNS. Why do I love them so? Because they made a song that's just like me. Except well, it's a song and doesn't walk around and spend too much money. It's called I Was Born a Unicorn and if you know me you will agree that it's me. But with out the butt.
watch the video


F.A.T.-Because My Mother's Wardrobe is Looking a Little Bare

Another fashion marvel from the same people who made Hot Topic. But this time it's for old people. Please discuss.

So What's the Big Attraction?

Remeber those shoes I wrote about a couple of days ago (just scroll down if you don't)? Well. I thought they were the light of my life. They were cute, comfortable, and I could walk in them. I was so wrong. Today I was walking in the parking lot in from of Office Depot and notice the black lines on my shoes. I thought, oh they're scuffed I can rub them and they'll be fine. WRONG. The stupid metallic stuff had rubbed off. My shoes are somewhat ruined. It's awful. I hate you Steve Madden.
Okay. I'm still going to wear them.


This is Better Then What I Wrote for English...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The other day I went up to New York and went shopping with my aunt. Of course it was great, I was shopping and found a pair of jeans that fit me (I mean really fit, thank you Lucky). However, I was having major problems in the shoe department of every store. For some reason isze 9 1/2 was gone for every good looking flat (I now have to walk to school and there is no way I'm doing that in heels). Every store I went to had these, but not in a 9 1/2. Then, by some crazy twist of fate I tried on a size 10 and they fit. Of course you don't care but these are some kick ass shoes. They are so comfortable and quite groovy looking. They're Steve Madden and around $70.


Attack of the Addict Ballerinos

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In case you didn't know, this is the look for guys this winter.
Photograph by Christophe Kutner


Well, the Girl's Got a Life

Just a warning, I probably wont be writing that much for the next month or so. I'm still catching up on all the sleep I lost and then school starts on the 29 plus I'm ridiculously busy (it is quite ridiculous because I'll think I have nothing to do when WHAM I'm busy). But isn't this a pretty picture? It's by my latest photography obsession Walde Huth:
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So, I'm wasting my pathetic life (for the time being atleast. I've done absolutely nothing all day) away talking on aim when my friend Gerry ims me and says, "i need help picking shoes."
Of course I acccept and he sends me this picture:
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right after I rejected his first one. This looks exactly the same as his other shoes, except this one is not banana yellow. So I suggest some Vans slip-ons, to which he replies, "Aren't those girl's shoes?"
Oi vey.
Of course I send him a picture of the classic Chucks:
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But Gerry insists that they only look good on some people. And, of course, for once in his life the boy has gotten something right. Gerry the Fairy strikes again. So, I'm completley out of ideas when I see these golden...sneakers:
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Yes. They have penguins on them. Yes. They are beyond cool. So, Gerry being the cool kid he his (umm...yes...) loves them. But they are $85 so we agree that they are le suck and move on. So we just go on about shoes associated with animals. He brings up pony and I almost barf. Those fake Chucks are gross. But Gerry is insanely good at finding bright yellow shoes and shows me these:
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And I can't decide whether I love them or hate them. So, what do you guys suggest as good guy shoes since I've concluded that I'm crap at figuring out what guys should wear on their feet.

America's Jeanius

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I left for camp a slightly normal (yet completley jet lagged and still on Vegas time) and came back with ADD (really, I must have it. I can't even concentrate on the stupid Harry Potter book and every one there had it), and a love for Roxy jeans.
Now, most people would assume I like Roxy jeans. I've got 6 pairs of jeans (one pair is too small but I keep because they were 7 bucks, the other two are black) 3 of which are made by Roxy. Now, the only reason why I have this many is because they are the only reasonably priced jeans that are long enough for me. They used to not be anything special that is until I was running across a muddy field in a cirlce of people with my jeans (roxy) halfway down my butt and I said to myself, "Damn, these are pretty comfy if you ignore the fact that my purple and pink lacey panties are being shown to America's future leaders."
Yes, they are the softest jeans that have every touched my perfectly tanned legs (thank you Grand Canyon). They're so comfortable I took an old pair of them and cut them into capris because I didn't want to have to get rid of them (that's the problem with being tall, you have trouble finding jeans long enough). This pair of jeans is $39.50 from Island Surf.


If You Want Blood...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I've got school starting in 4 weeks which means I know have even more reason to obsess over my wardrobe, and of course the main thing I'm flipping out about is my shoes. Luckily I'll be going on a huge shopping trip on Thursday (no sales tax or something in D.C. all week!).
So, the main thing I'm looking for in the shoe department? Fabulous flats so that I can look good and still be able to walk to school. I would kill for some like these by...Killah. Yes that was absolutely horrible but I'm feeling depressed right now. They're 80's fabulous and would look perfect with some black jeans and a blue shirt (because only ugly girls wear pink, according to my father). Plus they are on sale for $47.50 from ASOS.

The Boys Girl is Back in Town

Things I Will Never Wear Again (and you shouldn't either):
My big hoop earings (my brother tore one out of my ear when I got in a fight with him)
Tevas (it wasn't really a choice...)
Sports bras
Rocket Dog sneakers (I have a purple pair and they are ugly as sin)
granny panties
those fleecy jackets that aren't actually fleece
a t-shirt with a monkey on it (I might as a pj shirt due to the insane number that I have but that doesn't count)

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Save Me

I'm back from the Land of the Nerds (guess how many people skipped activities to read the new Harry Potter book.) and the only thing I have to show from it is a worry zit becuase of a certain crazy person who I would not stop talking about (if you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry) but luckily it's going away and a blanket with signatures all over it (with a loving note about Cambodian wands). Oh yeah. I also got bronchitis or some such disease. So you should expect lots of writing due to my soon to be doped up state.
However, I have some deeply depressing news, my father is a complete idiot and lost everthing on my computer when he switched it over to XP (my computer seems to have thought it was the 90's still). That means I've lost all of my favorites, all of my pictures, and all of my mind. So things might be a little interesting in Leith world. And not interesting in the way that Jeff uses the word to describe me (and any one who was in my ethics class, I would love to know the magic words to make you know whats).


Okay. The New York Times thing died completely but let's not talk about it because I've got too many stupid things happening. Like the fact that I have no clue what was going on in my ethics class. Oh apparently I have to go to "silent reading" (a.k.a. not so silently being stared at by 12 year old asian boys).
Aren't you all happy I'm not dead?