And He Likes to Shoot His Gun...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's fall (in case you didn't know). And so it's time for jackets. I'm really digging military-esque jackets, like this one from Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière. I've got one a bit like it but more relaxed from Urban Outfitters and it's ridiculously handy for the mornings (I wake up at 5:30 and have to walk to school at around 6:45 so it's always chilly). Now, I couldn't find the jacket on the UO website but I bought it a couple of weeks ago in New York so it should still be at some stores.
But, if you really want a jacket like this but can't afford it (or just want something a little more casual) and can't find it at Urban I know Pac Sun has a black jacket a lot like the Urban Outfitters one. It looks quite nice but not like this Balenciaga jacket.
So, it looks like Navy is carrying into fall. Which is nice because I never really got enough of it in the Summer. That was sarcasm people. But I really do like my navy jacket.


Free Stuff is the Best

Every one loves free stuff. If you don't I don't understand you. But if you ever get something for free and don't want it send it to me. No matter how hideous.
Anywho, I got a lovely e-mail from the folks at The Gift Blog telling me about their $500 Manolo contest. That's right a pair of Manolos. Oooer. I know you love that. So check it out and good luck to you all!
And, if you win, might I sugest these $485 mary janes?

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When You Try Your Best

Okay. I lied. There is one part of the Spring lines I like. Libertine was fabulous. Not everything was beige and I adore the Mardi Gras-esque necklaces. Fun stuff.
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I also love how they used happy spring colours, but they made sure the pieces didn't look like Easter outfits. How lovely. Okay. I'm wrong. This cardigan is a little eastery. But the rest is quite cool.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And, for the emo kids who don't like to wear bright colours (if your emo you are NOT allowed to eat the yellow twinkies by the way) there's always this fabulous navy and black dress.
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It's like Morticia as a 50's housewife. Wait. Wasn't she a 50's houswife? I can't remember when that show was on. But it's quite a groovy dress.
Anyways, if that dress is a little too...poufy for you here's this dark ensemble (with one hellish dyejob):
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And, now, for my Mother because she wants hair likes this (by this I mean the old lady on the left) and loathes the fashion industry:
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Aren't the tights beyond coold?

Thank you.


2006 Spring Lines=Boring.


You Know You Love THEM

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They might have said I was snarky but that's better then being told you remind some one of a dominatrix *cough*.
(and thanks to Lera at Fashion Addict Diary for sending me the link. Much love!)


Dancing By Myself

It's homecoming season!! And, if you're crazy cool like me, you're going to two homecomings. That means two dresses and double the fun (hopefully. it might be a bust at my old school because almost every dance I've been to there was le suck).
So, you can never go wrong with a black halter. But you don't want to seem boring and all of mine are in October and black is a little witchy (I should know, I dressed up as one for 5 years in a row because I'm lazy) so how about some gold??
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Oooer. It's pretty. And you can sing the Halloween song they taught us in pre-school. Black and gold, black gold. Everything is black and gold.
Well, I think that's how it went. It does fit some shoes stores though. Anyway, it's from ASOS and is $67.
But what about those crazy girls who only get cold in weird situations, like when you need to wash all your bras so go braless on one of the hottest days in the year and for some reason you get really, really cold, here's a tank top dress because you can't get cold at a dance. I should know.
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It's green, it's pretty, and a bit upscale hippy. I'm actually thinking about buying this one from Urban Outfitters for $30. I rarely buy any of the stuff I write about. It's perfect for dancing and the hem makes this casual dress a little nicer. But not that nice because this is a homecoming full of hippies we're talking about (at my old school).
But if hippie isn't your style and a black halter is too boring for you...
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check out this groovy dress. It's Victorian! It's got mesh on the sides! She's barefoot! This is actually one of my favorite dresses that I don't own (oh lets be honest. I only like one of the dresses I own). But it's $450 and I'm not allowed to buy clothing over $150 until I stop growing (which is now but let's ignore that I hate being only 5'6).
I just love how Wheels & Dollbaby made the Victorian trend work for the younger set, and the mesh isn't too whorey (or whore-ish if you're Tyler). I hope.


Even the Football Players in my Algebra Class Love Shoes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I was going to write about the killer shoes I got at Old Navy today (don't mock me, they were the only store that had my size and cool shoes) but Old Navy's website is stupid and all of the digital cameras in my house have broken and what's the point with out pictures?
Yes. I love picture books.
But, moving on. Look! It's ballet flats from Boden. So, they're just like every other ballet flat BUT they have cool colour names. Like petrol. And can't you see Rory Gilmore shuffling around a newspaper office in these. Okay, let's be honest. This is Gilmore Girls. There is no shuffling.
However, these are quite practical but are a little more fun. What with those CRAZY colour combinations. So, your grandmother can wear them and you can wear them to the HFStival (those crazy cool marlyand kids know what I'm talking about). Okay. You probably shouldn't wear them there. My friend, Carly, her sister had to get airlifted out because a mosh pit started where she was standing. But you could most definitely wear them to school or to the office. Oh how I love shoes.


Miss Hon' 2005!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Leopard print dresses are hot. Why? Because nothing says "I'm fabulous" like looking like you went out and skinned a leopard. Oh I kid. I've actually had this strange fascination with leopard print things my whole life. Maybe it's the fact that I live near Baltimore (I also love those beehive hair-do's) but whatever the reason, I love them so.
All you had to do was watch the VMA's to see that leopard print dresses were groovy for this season. That is if you were stupid. Leopard print has been lurking for a while. So, anyways, at the VMA's Gwen Stefani was wearing a leopard print dress from her label, L.A.M.B., and Ms. Hohan (who I actually adore for some reason) was wearing this dress from Alexander McQueen. Of course on her it looked like she was one of those old ladies from Florida who chain smokes and eats only grapes. But then again she was in Miami so maybe she was trying to fit in...That girl needs to eat anyways. But, Lindsay Lohan aside, the dress is quite cool. It fits in with the 60's vintage-ish trend and is a great party dress. So grab a martini daaahling and relax. This fall/winter you'll be set.