Yes and No

Things I'm currently digging (because I'm sick of being asked):
K.T. Tunstall
Miss Sixty jeans
long hair
straight legged jeans
Capote (the movie)
Lindsay Lohan's hair
vintage inspired bathing suits
my Coach espadrille platforms
Louis XIV
curly hair
Project Runway
hair gel
Victoria's Secret

Things that should DIE (or atleast go away):
American Idol
annoying radio DJ's
Annapolis (the movie)
System of a Down
naysayers of the mohawk (how backwards can you get?)
that guy in my media production class
James Blunt
Jessica Simpson's relationship with Adam Levine
people professing their love for their significant other on myspace
Uggs (natch)
matching outfits with friends
matching hair colors with friends
leggings under dresses
furry boots

ROAWR, It's Animal Time

I've gotten more e-mails asking for advice so here they are:

Hiya . . . I just want to start off by saying that I adore your blog and you have the best taste in fashion. Really. K, anyways, after that inspired bit of fangirl-ish babble . . . I recently bought these boots and I can't decide what to wear them with. I've been doing skinny jeans, and that's worked, but I need something else to use, and I just can't think of anything. If you can help, that would be fab.
P.S. - You really do rock.

Thanks Madei for the compliments. BUT I really can't help you with those boots. They're a bit like Chewbacca's feet. And, unfortunately the Star Wars movies are all done with.

Oh no more zebra print from Delias.
Why do I like this dress so much?! Im really tempted to get it for something next year, but will it still be so cute? The bubble hem kind of annoys me, but the whole dress reminds me of a Marc Jacobs one that Lindsay Lohan wore on the cover of Teen Vogue last summer. Of course the Marc Jacobs one was blown-up rose print that only looked like zebra, and it was pink and black. Your thoughts?
Thanks so much!

I really like the pattern and it looks like a pretty comfortable dress but I wouldn't suggest buying it, unless you were buying it on sale. The bubble hem thing is going to pass really quickly (although I do have a really cute bubble mini that my best friend, Benny, bought me and I love it a lot). But it also looks more like a bathing suit cover up, it seems to be more suited for the beach. And don't ever buy a dress just because it reminds you of something a big name designer did, only buy something if you're really comfortable with it!


Mirror, Mirror

I know this is a bit late, but who else is completely in love with these Balenciaga shoes?

(2006 Spring/Summer rtw)


Nothing's Wrong With Being a Little Cheap

I got an e-mail a couple of days ago (yes, I suck at getting back to people.) that said this:

ok so usually i'm the girl that everyone goes to for fashion advice (im the bignerd that has the fashion column in the school newspaper), anyway anway. I bought this dress, the one that is in all the ads for luella at traget alongwith almost everything else she made for targer..haha call me cheap. The dress
of course is big, loud, poofy and a little bit like a table cloth. I tried to
wear it over jeans and a t-shirt, which was an absolute no. So here I am asking
you, what do i do with it. Do i wear it with leggings and jean jacket with
london sole ballet flats? or do i wear it strapless to a party with pumps? Or
anything else that comes popping into your mind?

Oh please, DO NOT wear this dress with leggings underneath it. The plaid and whatnot is so...obvious that leggings would just look too busy and with the poufyness on the bottom of the dress leggings would chop up your proportions in the weirdest ways! I'd suggust wearing it with pumps and a simple black jacket (or jean jacket).

Oh, Everybody's Changing

How come some of Kate Spade's bags look like they belong in an Emilio Pucci collection and the new Emilio Pucci collection looks like it belongs somewhere else?

Although, I have to admit it. I do kind of like that grey dress.


They're the Mall's Best Friends

I've been asked thousands of times what I think about Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Personally, I really dislike Abercrombie & Fitch. To me, it's Tommy Hilfiger's sluttyer and hyper-annoying cousin. Of course, I have friends who swear by A&F but it's just a stupid chain to me. Plus I'll never forget the time I tried on a pair of cords there that began right above my suzie. That's just wrong.
I know Hollister is Abercrombie's sister store or whatever but I actually like it. Maybe it's because they call girls bettys and guys dudes but I think it's a great store to get basic sweaters and t-shirts. Granted, they can be a bit expensive but they're good quality and as long as you don't buy everything there it's all cool. Besides, it's got such a great laid back atmosphere that you can't help but enjoy it. And I'm planning on applying for a job at the local hollister.
Alright. It is partly because I would love to work at a store where your boss calls everyone dudes and bettys but I do need the work experience


Don't Stop Believing

One day I was shopping with a friend and she wanted to buy a pair of shorts and shorts just make me depressed because they never ever fit me properly (they're always too small in the rear and too big everywhere else) but next to them were some vests. So, for some reason, I bought a green plaid vest. But, I have nothing to wear underneath it. And I tried the whole nothing underneath it thing for about a minute in my room. By myself. It was bad. So I'm on the search for white blouses and here are some that I found.

Okay, so it wouldn't look that great under a vest but I still think it's pretty ace. It's a little bit of the military stuff that was in for fall but would be better suited for a summer safari. Or just hanging out at the beach. Oooh, the description actually says jacket. I guess it could be a jacket. Over a bathing suit? Whatever, it's still a cool blouse. It's also $165 by Theory.

Another Theory blouse, this one is $200. I love the rouching crinkly-ness in the waist. Which is fabulous because I read an article saying that waislines are getting wider so anything that accentuates the waist is a-ok in my book. Yes. This one would look weird under my vesty thing too but it doesn't matter at this point.

This is such a Mary-Kate Olsen shirt. But I love it anyways. Because I feel alseep watching Full House a couple of months ago and now I'm in love with the Olsen twins. By Free People, it's $50.

Tuxedos are in. They always have been, but now it's tres chic for a chick to wear tuxedo-esque things. Supposedly. You can take it over the edge, for example I would never wear this shirt with my tuxedo pants. But I do wear my tuxedo pants a lot with sweaters and other girly-rific things. But this blouse! I love this blouse. I want to wear this with my vest. Yes, I would look like a derranged waiter at some fake pub but it would be so much fun to wear! Besides, with out the vest it's quite cute. Thank you Rebecca & Drew. But you kinda suck for making it $230.

Woohoo, Theory has made a whopping 3 of the blouses that I've mentioned here. But I had to post this one, it's a classic short sleaved blouse. It's, simple and structured pluse there's lace trim on the sleaves. $175.



I've been getting so many questions lately I figured I'd better just made a FAQ section.
ALSO if you have a question feel free to make a comment on this post with it. THANK YOU.

Q: How did you get in ElleGirl?
A: They e-mailed me and wanted to do an interview. That's about it.

Q: Can I IM you?
A: Please don't. I know I used to have my im up but that was before random ass people started iming me constantly and saying we have LOADS in common. I'm sorry, but everygirl that read that article about me does not have everything in common with me. Besides, I hardly even talk to my friends on AIM.

Q: Will you be my Myspace Friend?
A: Yes I will be your myspace friend! add me!.

Q: Do you hate us?
A: NOOO I've just had like 20 ims from strangers in the past 2 days and...it kinda irked me.

Q: Does this shirt go with those pants?
A: Send me an e-mail and I'll (hopefully) make a post!

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Purple. Or red. Sometimes green. But mostly purple.

Q: What do you think of Uggs?
A: No one should be allowed to wear uggs. End of story. You know, unless you're at home and you're cold and tired and just want to sleep.

Q: Where do you get those runway pictures?
A: Style.com

Q: How did you did you do [insert HTMLish thing here]?
A: I explain things like crap so try Funky Chickens or Lissa Explains it All.

Q: Header. Tell me.
A: Pictures of me. Mostly taken by my friend Tori (she's ace with a camera), put together with photoshop, uploaded onto photobucket. Since I've been asked how I put it in the header here's how.

Q: Will you link me?
A: Sure. If you don't steal what you write/are original. I've had people just copy and paste stuff from other websites (and not be even slightly original in everything else that they had done themselves) and get mad when I don't link them. I'm not the most original/talented/whatever blogger out there, but I'm not going to support something I don't like.

Q: Are you a scientologist?
A: I wasn't aware that they actually existed outside of the celeb scene. No. Don't trust everything you see on myspace kiddos.


You Spin Me Right Round

Image hosting by Photobucket I just had an AIM conversation that went a little like this:
Carly: umm so i read your fashion blog...
Me: yes
Carly: and I get annoyed when you dont update it....

So, of course. I'm updating it.
First things first though. Yes. I was in ElleGirl. Thank you for visiting all you new readers. And, no, I really don't look like that picture. I made the mistake of sending ridiculous pictures my little brother took of me.
Anyways, on Friday my Dad drove me up to New York for Olympus Fashion Week avec my aunt (thank you, both of you!). Althought it was more of a fashion weekend since I had to go to school on Monday (pshaw). So, I got to see the Alice Roi show. It was AWESOME. The little punkish touches were great, not to mention the music. They played The Violent Femmes. And The Cure! It was like listening to my itunes.
The picture on the left is by far my favorite look from the show. Overall, the collection was very neutral (lots of tans, whites, and blacks) with splashes of hot pink thrown in. It was just too cool.
The tent itself was amazing. There was some guy with two-toned hot pink hair and a green and orange plaidish suit on. I tried to take his picture a couple of times but he kept on moving. And there was all sorts of free stuff. Like notebooks, and Atkins bars. And peppermint patties. If I was homeless but had awesome clothes I might hang out in the tent all day. But I don't really recomend that.
Oh yes, for those of you that found my myspace, please don't be offended if I don't add you back. I just use myspace to keep in touch with people I know but don't get to see that often.