Let There Be Shoes, Because I REALLY Am God

When I first saw these shoes I was shocked. They're Juicy Couture, there should be some velour on them. But there really isn't. It's all camel suede and leather. Juicy has really stepped it up, their ads are quite amazing too.
Anywho, these shoes would be perfect with a denim mini and white blouse. Simple but still youthful and fun. If I had these shoes I would have worn them today (it was my first day back at school). If this was Alice and Wonderland they would have a tag that said, "Buy me." or "Steal me." it's all relative (no I'm not saying go out and steal this. I'm tired and don't know where I was going with that). Make them your's for $120.



The world needs to know that there are patterns other than stripes and polka-dots. Seriously. Everytime I go shopping with my friends they always agree and say that they are over them. Bubble hems too. Enough is enough.


To Be Worn While Dancing to Future Sex/Love Sounds

Yesterday I went on a big shopping trip with my grandparents (awesome, I know) and the whole time my grandmother was going on about how red shoes and black and gold bags are hot for fall. I couldn't agree more. Here are my favorite red shoes.

I bought these ballet flats way back in July and I've been in love with them ever since, which is why I mentioned them in my last question post. Get them for $20 from Urban Outfitters.

There are probably a billion platform red peep toe heels out there. But these are soft and I spent 5 minutes with my friend Carly admiring them. And you know, Steve Madden is really original. $99.95.

Patent leather maryjanes. How very back to school. But, with a platform wedge they're just amazing. I love Christian Louboutin, how could you not? Buy them from Neiman Marcus for $710.


Golden Smog Will Set Your Soul Free

I've gotten quite a few e-mails (3...shut up) asking for help finding school bags. Don't you people have bags? Have you just started school. ARE YOU 5 YEARS OLD? Now I'm going to have 20 people telling me I'm a bitch. Whatever. I understand your want because I love buying bags (you know the last time I got one was my birthday. How tragic is that?).

In my last post I featured a Fred Flare bag to carry stuff for school. This tote is as equally cool and from Fred Flare too. What a coincidence. It's kind of reminds me of those Andy Warhol tote bags from Urban Outfitters, but not as annoying (I know you bought one Carly, and I love it. But I'm sick of seeing them everywhere). Plus, this has French on it. You know, I took French for six years and I have no clue what that little duck is saying. I promise I'm not stupid, I just don't get along with conjugating verbs in a foreign language. Oooh, the website says that the duck is saying, "Let me kiss you sweetie." Too bad ducks don't have lips. There are some problems with this bag though. People are going to ask you what it says and it'll get hella dirty. Gross man. It's $24.

I'm not going to lie. I like Chloe bags. I wish I owned one. This bag (it's named Betty, that's so cute) makes me want to hop on the bag of a motorcycle while drinking a peppermint mocha. It's girly and tough. Perfect. It's 12 inches tall and 11 inches wide, making it perfect to hold school books and the front pockets look damn handy (ipod, cellphone, pens). If you ignore the fact that it is $1,550 it's perfect for school. Hey, atleast it's less than my tuition. Okay, I'm just going to move on from this bag because the more I look at it the more I love it and now I'm super depressed.

I'm friends with the girl who makes these on Livejournal. She's pretty damn cool. As you can tell from the picture they're $10. Currently you can only buy her shirts/totes/pins (her label is called Handmade Heart) at shows and you can find out which ones she'll be at on her Myspace.


You Know, The World Would be so Uninteresting Without a Little Drama

Reader questions! Rejoice, throw a party!

I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm going to a "benefit/foundation thing" at a hotel downtown in mid/late September. So it will be cooler out. I need to find an appropriate/respectful dress (up to ~ $125) that is at least knee-length with substantial sleeves. One that is very pretty, of course, and not too drab, as I'm in high school. I've been looking, but it's kinda hard. It can't be black tie/evening party or summery. More business-y. So I was thinking along the lines of Diane von Furstenberg (wrap dresses!), but obviously that is wayy out of the price range. Please help?
P.S. Cannot be jet black or have a halter. Thank youuuuuuu!

I thought this would be easy. I mean, there are millions of dresses out there. However, it wasn't. The dress on the left doesn't have substantial sleaves but it still is a great basic dress that can be worn a lot, pair it with a nice button-down sweater and you're set for the night. It's by Velvet Torch and you can buy it from Nordstrom's for $48. The shirtdress on the left is a little more casual, but if you wear it with some red pumps and gold jewelry you'll look outstanding. It's $128 and you can buy it from Anthropologie.

I have a serious problem in the shoe department. I like Chuck Taylors and I would buy them but it's like EVERYONE wears them here. I don't want to be a clone or wear clone shoes if you know what I mean. What alternative solutions are there? I saw a great pair of ballet shoes on the TOPSHOP website and at the top they look like Chucks but unfortunately you can't order them if you don't live in England. That's so mean! I sent TOPSHOP an e-mail but they only sent me another link where you can order stuff and it's supposed to be international. But again I can't order anything here. Do you think it would be a solution to wear fake Chucks? Because everyone else wears the "real" ones. But that might look cheap. Dunno.

The amazing thing about Chuck Taylors is that you can totally customize them, add song lyrics you like or paint on them. Don't buy the fake ones, you'll definitely look cheap and they don't last long. I once bought a fake pair just for when I wanted to chill out and they fell apart in 2 months. Besides, you won't stand out if you have the fake version of what everyone is wearing. Why don't you just buy regular ballet flats? There are so many different types of shoes out there why not try someting completely new? But, if you insist on the almost-chuck taylor look why not try these pointy toed mary-janes from Sugar. They're $19.99 from Urban Outfitters.

Hey Leith! I actually have a question for you. Im looking for a pair of cute rain boots, maybe its an oxy moron, but im going to a school w/ a humugo campus and living in a state where it rains alot. So, i need your help!
p.s, how do you feel about the "Leather Foldover boot" from Urban Outfitters? My friend HATES them but i think they're cute....what about you? Thanks!

Welcome to my life. My school was built on a farm and whenever it rains it's mud city. I like the Burberry Novacheck rain boots, but seriously, I would never pay $145 for a pair of rubber boots that I treck through the mud in. L.L. Bean has some cute rain boots, like the pair on the left. They're only $49 and come in stripes too. I have a friend who goes to a school with a strict dress code, but the one thing that they allow you to go crazy on are rain boots. She bought a really groovy pair from Nordstrom's but she's currently out of town so I have no idea what brand it was. I will most definitely tell you guys when she gets back.
P.S. I love the Urban Outfitters boots.

Alright, I actually hate sneakers but of course, I need new ones before school starts. Do you know any that looks cute and wearable? And while I'm on the topic of footwear, what is there to wear in the wintertime? I kind of have to walk like an 1/16 of a mile in the snow sometimes which sucks. Especially when your wearing the same damn kind of shoes everyday.

Say hello to your new best friend, Puma. I have a pair of white an purple ones that I always wear to go running. They're amazingly comfortable and they look good too. You can get the Speed Cat for $75. If you want something flashier though you must go with the gold L.A.M.B. Love sneakers. They're absolutely amazing. I tried them on and they were, honestly, incredibley comfortable. I was ready to run out of the store with them on. But I'm against shop lifting. $149.
so, i really like the idea of wearing black tights [not leggings], but i dont know what shoes to wear them with. i know boots would work but i'd prefer flats or something. any ideas?

Ballet flats! In bright colors too. Really, just buy these in every color. The red is actually much brighter in real life. If you see pretty flats that you like? Buy them and they'll look amazing with your tights.

hey,i have a question. is blue eyeshadow ALWAYS tacky? i mean, what if it's a pretty turquoise? well, whatever, i bought a Pop Beauty case of blue shadow from Sephora, and I'm damn well gonna wear it, too. you can sling your proverbial fashion arrows at me, but whatevs.

Blue eyeshadow, when taken to extremes, looks horrible. I live near Baltimore, I should know. If you feel a little uneasy just go to a make-up counter and ask one of the ladies for tips.

I'm going to a HS next year with a huge campus, where are the buildings are spread out. I need warm, but still cute clothes for winter (i live in the east coast) Long coats, scarves, etc.....HELP!
-Queen Zooey

I have the same problem at my school. Invest in a warm wool coat and lots of nice cashmere sweaters. Wearing tights under your jeans is a great way to keep warm too (plus if your jeans have holes in them it's fun to wear bright colors underneath). Cardigans like the one of the right are really useful too ($36). Most importantly, you're going to want to layer. You'll the hang of it after a while and pretty soon you'll find where the best radiators are so you can get warm inbetween classes.

I saw you in elle girl and I love your blogs! So I was inspired and decided to start my own. Any advice for getting started/publicizing my blog?

Get a publicist. No, seriously, just keep on writing and doing you're thing. I never really did anything except sign up for one or two bloglistings and comment on websites I liked. Except, don't do the whole "LOOK AT MAAAH WEBSITE!!" thing. It's kind of obnoxious.

With all the fall fashion hitting stores lately it's crossed my mind that soon I'll need to buy a bag for school, always a daunting task for me. I recently found your blog & thought maybe you could help me find a tote in some color other than black or brown that's chic & stylish, yet still big enough to hold my books & junk?

Welcome to everyone in highschool's problem. I spent ages looking for one for myself and settled with a bag I found in the bag of my closet that my grandfather got for me when he went to England ages ago. It's big, plastic, and says Harrods all over it. The most important thing? It's big and plastic (hence waterproof). This bag on the left from Fred Flare is roomyish (10.5”x15") and adorable. I could see Molly, the American Girl Doll, going to school with her saddle shoes carrying this bag. It's canvas, so it's sturdy and nice looking. Woohoo. $48.


Sooner or Later, Gotta Cut You Down

When I went to public school for one year there were a slew of fights (this was completely amazing to me since there were 0 fights at the school I had attended before) . There was controversy about one of them because supposedly one of the guys had brass knuckles and the cops had a tape of the fight. You know where I'm going with this. Well, the guy didn't have brass knuckles in the fight but he still scared me. I had to see him everyday after school selling cigarettes on the corner and staring at everyone like a pervert. That is just 1 reason why wiggers really annoy me.
Anyways, I still have an undying love for brass knuckles. Why? I do not know. But considering I won't be getting into any tussles in the near future I will just wear this necklace. Because I'm now a proud member of the work force. Sort of. I don't really have the job yet. Brass Knuckle charm necklace from Rebellious by Bijou Boutique, $41.


Does Anyone Else Think It's Incredibly Sad That Shopbop Has a Section Devoted to Jumpsuits?

This past week I've had a strong urge to wear a pretty white summer dress. I don't know why I don't own one. Here are some that I like.

Guess where this dress is from. No, it's not Urban Outfitters! Yes, it is Anthropolgie. I need to start looking at other stores. Anywho, this dress is amazing. It's white, it's got a little eyelet overlay and it's called Beach Blanket Babydoll. I like it because it would hide the fact that I ordered half a dozen corn bread rolls at Boston Market last night.
HALF A DOZEN. I didn't think it was humanly possible. $148.

Cream is the same thing as white for the purpose of this post. I love this dress. The only problem is that the sleeves kind of remind me of Silence of the Lambs. I need to stop watching that movie. But seriously, this modernizes the kimono shape and just looks fly. Thank you Rachel Pally and thank you Shopbop for having free UPS ground shipping (which I would totally take advantage of if I had a job and had money) buy this dress for $176.

I am told this dress looks amazing in red. In white, it kind of looks like a dress I would wear when I don't feel like getting dressed or wearing a bra. Which actually makes it perfect for summer. $36 from American Apparel. If you are a student you can get 15% off.

I'm against the fact that the brand that makes this dress is called As U Wish. People need to spell out words. But I do like to think that it's a Princess Bride reference which makes the brand name not completely pathetic. This dress is called a ballerina dress. It's quite appropriate, I would have a hard time stopping myself from dancing while wearing this dress. Although there is some tulle it's not hideous, which makes the world a nicer place. $68.


Bend it Like Beckham!

Johnathan Rhys Meyers for Versace.

Did you know he had such a big nose? Oh well, I'm excited to buy a magazine with the pictures and cut them out for all of my friend's lockers. Because whether they know it or not, they want him as their Irish soccer coach.

P.S. Add the myspace. I've opened it up for the public.


It's Time for Reader Questions!

I'm so productive, I painted the shutters on my house and then I sat on my butt for an hour and a half (maybe?) and watched Diva. This is what my life is like during the summer.
All right that was a bit of a lie, I do go to concerts and whatnot but for the most part I plan my day on how to stay in air-conditioning.
Here are your questions, because I don't have to leave my nice cold room to answer them.
leith, i seriously need your help!...my school is getting standardized dress (aka khackis and polos) for the first year ever and i cant find any way to look original or any brands that fit right :[

What is it with school's these days? This is the second question I've gotten on this matter. Try this but I might as well elaborate. You can look original by adding jewelry (skip the pearls for gold bangles, layer necklaces, etc.) or wearing a sheer polo with a colored tank top underneath. If that's not allowed then petition. Seriously, petitions are your best friend. I once convinced my mom to not go to my normal Friday night hangout by using a petition. I also suggest going crazy with your shoes. Can you wear sweater-vests? Just add interesting things to your outfit and if you get in trouble for violating the dress code just explain that you are following it, because you're wearing khakis and a polo. Have a sit-in if you have to. People do that all the time at my school.

I relise you get many many many questions from people asking you for style advice so if you dont have time to answer this I'll understand. Anyways, I've been serching for atleast a month now for black flats, preferably peep toe and kinda summery with no luck. They would go with more than half my wardrobe but somehow what I thought to be a very simple staple item just doesnt exist! Would love some sugestions.
I need to start suggesting stuff from stores other than Urban Outfitters. Oh well, the shoes on the left are on sale at $49.99. However, they're kind of boring. But, I'm sure with the right outfit they could look quite daring and chic. Like if a prostitute wore them, that would be super interesting. I'm doubting that Grace is a prostitute though. That would be cool, you know, a prostitute named Grace who wrote me for fashion advice. Anyways, I like these shoes on the right much more. These are the kind of shoes that I would end up wearing everday and then people would say to me "Don't you have normal shoes?" because that's actually happened to me. N.Y.L.A. Charli flats are available at Nordstrom's for $64.95.

I am starting to have a freakout. I'm going to a sleepaway camp for a week and they're having a dance at the end and I have nothing to wear. I have searched everywhere. The camp starts saturday, august 5th. In 1.5 weeks! even worse, I'm on the thirteen year old budget of $10 allowance a week and I only have about $100. I need a skirt and top or casual dress. What do I do??? HELP!

Calm down! Hardly anyone dresses up for camp dances. The nicest outfit I ever had for one was a black skirt and cotton red halter top. I ended up ditching my shoes for flipflops by the time the dance even started. You'll be fine in just a denim skirt and a cute top which you probably have thousands of. Of course, you can get a little bit more dressed up (and who doesn't want an excuse to buy something new?). Something like this purple C&C California dress with black heels and some long gold necklaces look would lovely (that orange tank top isn't part of the dress). The dress is available in white, black, and madame (the color shown) for $68 but poppy, slate, bonnet, battlefield, and oaks are on sale for $47.60. Don't worry about spending basically half of your money on a dress though, you are bound to wear this thousands of other places. And you can probably get a dress just like this for much less at Forever 21 and the like.