I Think A Big Part of This is Affected by my Menstrual Cycle

I'm a horrible person, I have abonded my little corner of the internet for educational pursuits (yay for readings about Lay Investiture in the medieval ages!) and work.
But, I'm back. For a short period of time atleast. I'm probably going to be spending the rest of the week working on an essay about Chaos and Order in medieval England and doing random art history readings. But, let's forget about that and talk about homecoming dresses.

This is such a Leith dress. Which is funny because me+strapless=nipplegate 2.0. Seriously, I am quite small in the chest area. I know it's not your classic homecoming dress but I like it. And I would wear it, if it weren't for the previously mentioned fiasco. $425 from Adam + Eve. Which is insane. No one buys actually nice dresses for homecoming. Forget I ever mentioned it. And the model looks totally constipated.

I don't care what anyone says, this is the perfect party dress. Except for the whole bubblehem. What is with all these dresses being almost perfect. I hate this. I'm just gonna stop talking about this dress. $330.

I really love this dress. I love the hair too. What is my obsession with hair lately? Anywho, the only thing wrong with this dress is that it only comes in size two. Which really isn't so sad. Get off your butt and go exercise. I have a bit of a fat ass and I can still fit into size 2 dresses. And, OH EM GEE! Eva Mendes wore it. $295.

About 20,000 people are gonna see this dress and say "THAT'S SO UGLY! It's a grandma dress!" and I'm going to sit here thinking to myself, "You are a moron." Maybe I'm in a bit of a bad mood? I do believe so. Whatever, with the right body type you could look unbelievably hot in this dress. APC pleated dress, $237.

I give up. I'm too tired and in too much of a bad mood to deal with this. I'm gonna either wear a black dress I bought at Urban Outfitters last year (I'm so up to date) or this will be my latest purchase.


Because It's Raining and I'd Rather Think of Lovely Spring Days

Remember the days when zebra print was hot and leopard print was just a little mini trend that only a select few were part of? Oh how I miss those days. Don't get my wrong, I love leopard prints more than is necessary but I don't need to walk by the shoe department of any given store and see a whole table full of leopard print shoes.
That look exactly the same and cost exactly the same.
Get your acts together department stores. Enough of this nonesense!
But I do kind of really, really love this entire outfit from the Nanette Lepore Spring/Summer show. I get the feeling that many a leopard print dress will be in attendence at next year's prom.
Note the bright accesories though, this is how leopard print should be worn. With flair and fun, I don't think anyone in their right mind can take leopard print seriously so don't even pretend. The first rule of fashion is to have fun with it, and you can really do that with a little leopard.

P.S. The hair at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show? Adorable. I can't wait until my hair is finally long again so I can do it.


I Spent My Free Block Tanning, Which Makes Me Feel Like Spring Really isn't That Far Away

Yigal Azrouel, Rag & Bone

I love the color palettes for spring/summer 2007. So many blues and greys and loads of primary colors at their best. They perfectly embody spring and summer. With the dreary rain and the sunny days, it just makes perfect sense.
I adore this Rag & Bone short/jacket set. Yigal Azrouel's skinny jeans are perfect, not too skinny and a little boot cut that makes the skinny trend not so tired. The heels it's paired with are pretty damn fly too. I also love this red Jenni Kayne coat and the Karen Walker platforms.

Jenni Kayne, Karen Walker


Happy Labor Day

I just got a job at an ice cream place. Wrist hurts. Can't type. List of what I love for fall/winter.

Louis Vuitton doctor bag with headphone straps

Rodarte coat

Milly dress and fur jacket. Perfect for New Year's eve.

Going to Mexico, Spain(?), and Australia in 07. Smythson of Bond Street passport cover, £89.00. Would love to own. Probably won't.

Miu Miu platforms. Lovely.