What Did I Get Myself Into?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com If any one reading this is like me then they will be going to a slightly horrible place where you take a college class for 3 weeks and get harrassed by really nerdy boys (if any one ever tries to pay me to dance with some one again then Leith's gonna have to slap a bitch). However, that doesn't mean I can't look great there. This bag from Lumi is a perfect messenger. It's cool looking, made from soft leather, and is just the right size (you can fit loads of magazines in it so you'll never get bored in class). Plus it's unique and cooler than that messenger bag you bought at Claire's when you were 8. So what if it's over $100 more expensive than that bag? It's way more fun. Buy it from 80's Purple for $158 (on sale).


I Know a Girl, She Puts the Colours Inside of My World

Vivienne Westwood has a fantastic mens collection that you can wear everywhere! Like this:
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Obviously you would wear it to your job at the shoe store. And this you could wear as a life guard:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And this:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Would be great for dinner with your girlfriend's parents! And this,
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Perfect for a frat party. No one will be able to tell if you vomited on yourself or not!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This look has to be my favorite look for going out with the boys on a Saturday night and picking up girls at the local bar.


Red Hot, White Hot

Every one knows white is the colour (I'm not sure if that's really correct. I guess it's a colour) for sumer. Every should know that nothing is sexier then red lipstick with a white outfit. Take this for example:
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She is wearing Lancome Juicy Wear Ultra-Lasting Full Colour and Shine Lip Duo. Don't you just love it?
But, if that red is a little too...red for you try something a little more pink like they did at the Christian Lacriox show.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This looks especially good on paler girls (me, and the rest of the albino club) because it breaks up the white and the red really pops out. Well, it doesn't pop out that much if you've got the lippy on from the Christian Lacriox show. But we'll let that slide.


Because You Still Can't Dress Yourself

Boredome can drive you to do many things. Here's the outfit of the day!
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com or Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sequined Top from Anthropologie for $188. Jean skirt by Bench from ASOS for $47 (on sale). Blue mary janes by Maloles and leather sandals from Urban Outfitters for $58.

Top 5 Reasons to Like the D&G Spring '05 Collection

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I'd Rock it on New Year's Eve (My birthday) in Times Square

Image hosted by Photobucket.com When I saw this belt I actually gasped. I don't gasp but this belt is very gaspworthy. What it is? A belt with actual scrolling letters. You know, like those lights that say "WELCOME TO THIS CRAPPY MALL IT'S CURRENTLY 5 BILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE. HAVE A NICE DAY" in pretty lights. But this is even better, because you have it above your crotch and you can make it say anything you want, like "INSERT HERE (and then an arrow)" or "I'M COOLER THAN YOU". But if that's not classy enough for you than you go buy some other, uncool belt. I really think I'm in love. And I can afford it at $72. Buy it from 80's Purple.

Cause Time Don't Mean a Thing With Out You

My fabulous friend, Carly, came up with this list of things you must listen to/watch/read to be her friend. I personally think it's an excellent list so here it is (in her words, purple italics are mine):
  • Songs: (these are mostly from my windows media, so i probably have no hip hop on here. don't think i dont like hip hop. listen to 9.39 or 92.3 OR even 95.5 and hear some goodness) the radio stations are for those wonderful *cough* Marylanders
    "the sun"_maroon 5
    "bend to squares"_death cab for cutie
    all of translanticism (which i spelt wrong) by death cab.
    "such great heights"_the postal service YES YES YES
    "smile like you mean it"_the killers YES YES YES
    "worn me down"_rachel yamagata do I have to do it again?
    "hide and seek"_imogen heap
    "fix you"_coldplay
    "anxious arms"_jealous sound
    "break you off"_the roots
    "must get out"_maroon 5
    "kissing the lipless"_the shins
    "if you leave"_nada surf
    "when two become one"_the spice girls. yes, i said it. that was the song we re-enacted when we'd play them in first grade!
  • TV Shows:
    Veronica Mars (my new almost-obsession)
    life as we know it
    the oc (you didnt see that coming, did ya?!)
    the real world
    laguna beach
  • Movies:
    napolean dynamite
    super troopers
  • Reading Material:
    the gossip girl series they really are great, and make you pee yourself with laughter
    the sisterhood of the traveling pants series
    us weekly
    entertainment...yes, i dunno why i like it but i do.


Leith's Tip of the Day:

If you have big pores smother your face with ice cubes. All physical therapists take note. Especially if you are named after a tv character from the 90's who killed vampires. And also slept with them.
The ice cubes are cold and will make your pores shrink. Or you could just wash with cold water in the morning.
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The Boys of Summer Will Love It

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Dresses are fabulous, you don't need to worry about matching a top with a bottom and they are easy to go to the bathroom in. Yeah, the summer laziness has set in but here's the best dress for summer. You can dress it up with heels or look like a hippie student at my old school, like the girl in this picture. Urban Outfitter's says this colour is gray but it's more purple, which is great because we need more purple in this world, especially during summer when people are raiding the Pink Crab downtown for Lilly Pulitzer. Plus it's cotton and everybody loves cotton. Get it on sale for $40 from Urban Outfitters.


We Don't Fuck, We Make Loooooove

I was checking my blogpatrol thing and, to the one person who searched on yahoo for "girls making love in heels and miniskirts" and got my website, you rock my world.
Don't worry, there'll be fashiony things galore tomarrow. For now I'm just going to veg out in front of style and make fun of that funny lady with the gray streak.


Homie Scored a Key, He's Gonna Fly

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I first saw this Alexander McQueen look on Fashion Addict Diary and fell in love with it. Okay, I actually said, "oooh! I've got a shirt just like that from BP!" and then I fell in love with those pants. And the shoes. Eversince then I've been on a mission to find the perfect tight, black, capries/cropped pants. Cuffing my Grandmum's old Versace jeans is just not going to do it this time.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I looked at nearly all the websites I knew that sold clothes and the closet thing they had were fugly gouchos. Then I remembered a fabulous place called ShopBop. They had these awesome black Diesel capris. Alright. They aren't that great but they're better than those nasty gouchos at Nordstrom's. ooh. The radio's playing Dynamite Hack.
Now onto the other pair:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ooooh. Solid black. Isn't that unique. And their lowrise. Honestly can't these people come up with something better? Don't tell me I'm stuck with the "no-really-I'm-not-anorexic" black jeans from the 80's? Actually these would be great for that party I'm going to wednesday. They're by Juicy which means they should be comfy. Right?
The Diesal Capris The Juicy Capris


Be Cool

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That's just not pretty.

Good God We're Lucky Now

Image hosted by Photobucket.com After a long day of placement exams (that I bombed by the way, who the hell cares what the slope of that chart is? It's for freakn' public school for christ's sake) and waking up too early I just want to get lay back and put some 4 in. heels on. Like these from Yves Saint Laurent. The tan colour is excellent for summer and makes me want to put on my argyle skirt and act like a Big Sleep girl. You know saying, "Wish me luck, copper. I've got a raw deal." with your hair perfect and you've got ace red lip stick on.
But this is summer and it's too hot for that.


And I Would Walk 500 Miles

I deleted the last post because, I may be gone for a little bit due to my arm (if you didn't read it I will explain) but if I got some one else to blog here I would have to change the url and that's lame. Besides, this is my baby, no one elses.
Alright, now to explain. On that camping trip I mentioned earlier I had the misfortune to trip, fall, and drag Benny down with me. My shoulder popped out and long story short I'm sitting here, trying to type, with my arm in a sling and strapped to my body. Basically lots and lots of velcro. It's a bit of a problem though because it's kind of hard to type with out twisting my body around and getting a crap. Of course I will do this anyways because it's too hot to do anything right now. Fortunately I only have this for 3 weeks. Afterwards though I'm basically not near a computer for a week (vegas and rafting, yay) and then for 3 weeks I'll be studying ethics at CTY (center for talented youth).
Yes. I'm a nerd. But it's all to get into Columbia. If they don't let a girl in who took the SATs at the age of 12 in then they need major help. So, 3 weeks of slightly hot nerds (3 words, Will from Kentucky) and some computer time. So don't expect a lot from me until the end of August. I'll leave you with this:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Because I'm Looking Divine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Summer is really crappy. I can't wear my v-neck cashmere sweaters, or my non-existent combat boots (I had some when I was younger but grew out of them so my neo-hippie mom took them and wears them in the garden). I also can't wear my tweed jacket with a ridiculously short mini skirt with out my boobs roasting. This is why I'm sitting here in my pink thunderbolt panties (with pink lace on the edges) and a nude bra getting mad at Benny because she told me to wear the caplet thing I wore on friday (while rocking out to Queen no less).
Luckily though, my aunt is a wonderful lady and bought me stuff at the Anthropologie store in Fashion Island. Stuff like this cardigan. What? A cardigan in 100 something degree weather? You must be kidding. Of course not! It's 100% cotton and very cool actually. I was going to wear it to the Army Navy Club with my grandparents but I think it's perfect for dragging a red neck to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Rory Gilmore did play a whore in Sin City so he just imagine her on a street corner the whole time). Buy it for $88 at the nearest Anthropologie.


Can't Explain all the Feelings That You're Making Me Feel

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I was going to do a whole post on bikinis but if you haven't allready found your perfect bikini for the summer then you aren't going to find it. And Summer sucks because it's hot and the chlorine from that pool I went to made my hair gross and frizzy.
Okay. Not nearly as gross as that blonde girl who lives on a farm and has never seen a hairbrush in her life but still pretty shiznasty.
So, onto imaging summer parties and trips to the Army Navy Club with my grandparents. But what shoes will the poor girl wear? How about these crazy groovy shoes from Seychelles that look like you got them at a funky vintage store. Of course you didn't, you bought them from Urban on sale for $40. Now you can go to your formal in style. Unless it already happened and your hairspray melted an hour before the party so your wonderful curls died.
And yet you still had a drunk boy hitting on you.


I Spy With My Little Eye


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Time for the one pieces. Excellent for diving in a pool, unless you have a guy friend telling you that it's all right if your top comes off. Here's one from Calvin Klein. Ignore how weird it looks there, it actually looks fabulous on a person. It's on sale for $83 at London Mondo.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm sure you would like something that's not black (I really can't help it). Here's a bathing suit from JG4B. Yes, I have talked about them before and yes they still rock. Their designs are fresh and funky and you'll be sure to get noticed at the beach in this. You'll just have to ignore the crazy tan lines.


The Tankini

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Summer! Tans! Sand up your crack! And the search for the perfect bathing suit. I, personally think every girl should own atleast three (although I only own 1 1/2), one bikini, one one piece, and one tankini. This is the perfect tankini. It's nice and basic and looks comfortable. I was going to show my Ralph Lauren halter topped/striped tankini but I couldn't find it and this one looks good for a tankini. Basically these types of bathing suits annoy me because you get weird tan lines but they are handy for when you ate a lot or can't find a shirt to wear to school. It's Ralph Lauren by the way.


And They Were All Yellow

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Not many fashionistas have canoed over 14 miles. Then again, not many people have gone to hippie private schools. If they had, they would know that matter how many layers of sunblock they put on they will get tan. Which is all fine and dandy until you take off your life jacket that your sadistic teachers made you wear and you realise that while most of you looks like your Colombian relatives your stomache looks like the Irish side of your family.
"Aiii!!!" You cry out and instantly show every one you know and they laugh and then move on to your purple friend (some people don't understand the dangers of skin cancer). When you go home what do you do? Bust out the Lancome Flash Leg Bronzer, of course. Instead of your legs you put it on your stomache because you have a pool party tomarrow and want to wear your bikini.
Yes, the leg tanner is the best because it gives you a light tan that isn't orange (although it's still a couple of shades lighter than your arms, but you can deal). Get it for $28.50.


A Notice

I won't be able to update from this Friday to next Wednesday because my school is making me go on a camping trip. Which means I will be wearing jean shorts and tank tops while slathered with sunscreen and bug spray. Oh so sexy.

You Look So Good It Hurts Some Times

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Hot Topic is the "funky" store for suburbs kids. Which means it's very overpriced and I normally don't go there (but in 6th grade I wound up on their mailing list some how) but this t-shirt is very awesome. Now, you could probably find something much cooler at what Hot Topic wants to be, Funk & Standard in New Jersey, but this is great for now. Especially for when you want to get girly and wear a chic black skirt (any colour will work but I like kneelength black skirts with a little flair for shirts like this). Actually, this is a shirt that I would probably wear on the camping trip tomarrow (see post above. I think it's above atleast). It just looks so comfortable and...clean. It's $22 and has those adorable animals and stuff like that on it. What more could you want?


"I'm Healthy, I Got a Cootie Shot"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I went to check my e-mail just 10 minutes ago and I saw a lovely letter from a guy named Spencer. Unfortunately hotmail is messed up and put it in junk (they should understand that anything that has to do with clothes/accesories is not junk) but I read it (no shit) and it was about his new product line called Smoy Photocuffs. So of course I checked out the website and these are the coolest things ever. The one shown here is called Brooklyn and basically you get a cuff and there are slots that you can put fun pictures in. This type comes in two different sizes and is crazy groovy.
If I had it on the camping trip I'm going on Friday I would fill the slots with nice heeled shoes. And showers. Maybe even some mint chocolate chip icecream. My point is they are so cool I'm fantasizing about wearing them.