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I like your blog very much. It would be perfect if you could add more accessory / fashion jewellry topic to your blog.
What do you think?

Oi!! I can't believe I've been ignoring the wonderfulness of accessories. I love jewelry. I love bags. I love sunglasses (really, half of my myspace pictures are of me wearing sunglasses. Yes I have a myspace. Get over it) . So, of course I'll dedicate a post to jewelry right now. Because I need jewelry. And I know for a fact that my aunt's read this and so does my mother. Do you really need me to write it out for you? Yes. I know you are all too intelligent for that.
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I actually like the earrings that go with this necklace better but according to Urban Outfitter's website they aren't available any more. Pfffftt. But it is a cute necklace It's like Nicole Richie's angle wings tattoo but not as trashy. Wait. Is that Kelly Osbourne that has that tattoo? I don't know. Does it matter? No, it doesnt. It's $18 which is pretty darn groovy.
Holy crap. I found another version of those wing earrings I like here but the Urban Outfitters version was not ugly. And I think they were less expensive.
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This bracelet frightens me. Never before have I seen a bracelet meant for people over the age of 12 with a pompom on it. I guess Miss Madame has decided that she is the one who must fill that void in the fashion world. I never saw 13 Going on 30 but I can imagine that they would have made her wear something like this in an attempt to make her look childish. Except the only problem is that all the 13 year olds I know (well...by know I mean I don't run away when they talk to me) have enough sense to never wear this. But if you really dislike some one and have no problem spending$218.50 to show how much you loathe them then go right ahead. Loser.
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Shutup. I know it looks like something I would have tried to make in that jewelry making activity (I never got in because my Mom had tried to get the lady in charge of activities fired a couple of times. Let's just say she didn't like me). But I would have failed completely because I'm not exactly the best D.I.Y. gal. At all. So this is cool because I didn't make it. Plus, it's $9.50 which is a whole lot less expensive then what I would have sold it for. Because my ring would have been "unique". And by unique I mean so ugly it could burn a hole in your head. It'd be like The Hope Diamond, Rambo style.
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You know those kids who wear locks on their clothes? Like on a belt loop or on a collar around their neck. Yeah, they look completely ridiculous but I've always thought it was kind of cool. In a completely bizarre way. I think someone at Tiffany & Co. is as bizarre as me for making these bangles and I love them for that. In 18 K gold they are $1,850 but in sterling silver they are $250.


It's Midnight on a Wednesday Night

Music you should be listening to:
LCD Soundsystem
The Chemical Brothers
The Killers
No Doubt
The Dandy Warhols
The Velvet Underground
They Might Be Giants
Steely Dan
Louis XIV
Scissor Sisters
Franz Ferdinand


Match Your Shoes With Your Jewelry

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I was at the mall over the weekend to see Harry Potter and to eat (really, if you saw what was in my fridge that would be an event for you too). Harry Potter was fabulous. Draco turned into a ferret and went down some guy's pants. I think that's reason enough to see it.
Anyways, when I was having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen I looked out the window and saw this dress on the manequin. My friends and I let out a collective sigh (well...maybe we didn't but it sounds great doesn't). It was so pretty. And green. And shiny. Girls are a bit like magpies when it comes to shiny things. Well, when they're not gaudy.
So, the store that this dress was in was Banana Republic. Now, I normally don't go into that store because the word banana reminds me of my old Vietnemese French teacher who was absolutely insane and she said banana like banananananana. Which just messes me up when I try to spell it (thank God for Gwen Stefani and Hollaback Girl).
It's a really beautiful dress. And the Banananana Republic website says that it hits right below the knee. Now, I have some spacial problems but that doesn't look like right below the knee. Maybe the model has short legs? Anyways, the dress has "built-in-boning for support" which sounds great. But reminds me of those whalebone corsets. Which just frightens me. Well it's 100% silk which is tres cool and it's $148. I would suggest wearing it with gold or silver heels. But the black ones are nice.


I'm Actually Kind of Serious...WHAT!

I am inviting you to participate in a fashion blogging event. Next Friday is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in America. I am asking other fashion bloggers to join me in blogging about their own views on fashion, consumption, individuality, and the importance of fashion in our lives. I am encouraging any other fashion bloggers to join me in this endeavor, just make your own political fashion statements about your view on consumption and fashion no matter how you view it and I will link up and we can all hopefully dialogue about the importance of individualityin fashion!

-Almost Girl

Black Friday is one of the scariest days of the year. I've only gone shopping during Black Friday once before, last year. I just wanted to hide in the bathroom stall, but I was stuck in a mile long line so that I could get this adorable little cashmere sweater. And, if you know me at all, I'll do anything for an adorable little cashmere sweater. That being my only experience with Black Friday (I honestly blacked out most of that day in my memory) I'm just going to talk about fashion's importance in our lives.
At private school if some one had the same shirt as you on you were perfecty entitled to get that girl's boyfriend to yell at her for wearing the same shirt as you. Of course all parties involved would get made fun of because of the ridiculousness of the situation (who yells at their girlfriend for having the same shirt as someone?) but life would go on. At public school however, it's completely different. I can see the same shirt on 5 different girls in one day and none of them would bat an eyelash. And if one of them said something about it she would get made fun of terribly.
Ummm what?
Don't people even try to be some what individual at this school? I don't see the point in spending any money for a t-shirt that some other girl will, with no doubt, be wearing the same day I am. I see no problem with being stylish and trendy as long as you don't look exactly like the girl sitting next to you at your lunch table. I don't care if you both are scenesters or if you both are preps. You look freakn' ridiculous.
It has little to do with advertising and what not, people are just being uncreative when it comes to fashion. When the consumers aren't being unique you can definitely count on the businesses to not be unique. But people have to remember that you can shop at the same stores as your friends and still look unique. For example, I shop at the same stores as most of my friends (there really are no options where I live) and I still manage to have my own unique style. It all just depends on how you rock it. And mixing it up! I wear a Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt with my 80's Versace jeans and some Old Navy flats it looks cool and I feel comfortable in it. People just need to chill out when it comes to clothes. I know so many people who won't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch because it's preppy (Tthat's a lame excuse. I normally don't shope there because it's slutty. Get your reasons right!) and some people don't shop at Hot Topic because it's too XcoreX (It's actually owned by the same company that owns Gap so get over yourself). If you like something in a store window go in and buy it.


Get Ready for Some Party Action

I'm currently stuck in my room because the cleaning ladies are cleaning the rest of the house, so what better time than to talk about dresses for this FABULOUS holiday season?
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It's like...well I'm not really sure what it's like. But it's quite cool and I would definitely wear it to that SnowBall thing I might go to with one of my friends. Of course I'm missing something in the boobage department and it's freezing here but one can always dream. I love YSL.

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This dress is so absolutely perfect in a really strange way. How so? It reminds me of a French maid's outfit and I'm stuck in my room because of some maids. Aahahaha. Yes, that really isn't as funny as I thought it was. But I still love this dress. It's a tiny bit slutty but makes up for it with then nun-in-training collar and lace plus it's so cool. Cool in that I-look-better-in-this-than-those-girls-who-were-maids-for-halloween-that-one-year way. Of course Vivienne Westwood made this!

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Oooer, it's pink and it's a throwback to times long gone. Plus, it'll look good on lots of body types and this is one of the few times that I actually like an empire waist. SWEET. Remember Erotokritos from that post I made a couple of days ago? Yeah, guess who made this.


Those Italian Birds...

I recieved an e-mail last week (it could have been last week. I've been kind of busy with my non-bussiness) telling me about Red Apple. Here's what the e-mail said:
I just wanted to report to You the made-in-italy shopping blog I collaborate: Red Apple Trends.
It's a web blog that puts on line shop windows and accessories we see, or we would like to see, every day on the streets
and in our wardrobe.
Every post is provided with price, shop and site of the item.
Visitors too send photos of what they find interesting in their cities or on the web.

It's a blog for normal girls and women, who talk about shopping and trend news on the mobile or in front a coffee.
We are daughter of 80's telefilms, of Sex & The City, of make up mistakes, of expeditions to outlets and sales, of
aperitives at the bar, of chatting about wrong men, and much more.
As You see..nothing new! But with our style.

I have to say, I really like this one pair of shoes they posted...so of course I'm plugging them!! Check them out. The site is in English and Italian



Remember a million years ago when I posted this picture of Kate Moss?

Fashion Addict Diary has one as bad, if not worse. It's just one more reason to stay away from cocaine.


Bring a Little Colour to Your Winter

"Greek-Cypriot, Paris based designer Erotokritos, studied fine art and textile design in San Francisco and fashion at Studio Berçot in Paris. After working for various Parisian Fashion Houses, he launched his own label in 1994. He quickly gained reputation for his colorful collections that capture the essence of effortless Parisian chic. In the spring of 1996 he opened his own boutique in Paris followed by a second one, which just opened this year in the Marais District."
(from his website)

His designs are fun and colourful with a hint of vintage feel. What my friend Lauren would call "sexual". Because anything absolutley fabulous is sexual to some extent (no matter how matronly it might seem). He knows how to use colours and shapes properly and makes me want to buy his whole collection!

Autumn-Winter 2005
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And, just for fun these GORGEOUS shoes from the Autumn-Winter 2006 collection:

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