More Beautiful

J. Crew recently arrived at the local mall. Everyone is incredibely happy about it, except for my dear friend Olivia who buys all of her clothes at J. Crew. Now, everyone owns atleast one article of clothing that she has. Which is why shopping exclusively at one store tends to be a bad idea, but whatever.
These J. Crew shorts are...the shiznit. I can't believe I wrote that, but I did and that's what we are stuck with. I went into J. Crew twice today and each time I stared longingly at these shorts. Some of my friends think that it's funny that I adore J. Crew, mainly because it's not my style at all. I mean, I'm wearing a Heatherette mini-skirt as I type this but I love it all the same. J. Crew shorts, $68.
Another thing that I fell in love with today? Gap's men's t-shirts. Super comfortable, especially their stretchy ones. Maybe it's because for the last 4 days I was wearing t-shirts (oh the joys of camping...) but I've rediscovered my love for them. Especially v-necks. Plus the two hairy chested old men who came to my work yesterday wearing low cut v-neck t-shirts certainly helped. It was sexy. $16.50 online. Cheaper in store.

P.S. I am a sarcastic person. Hairiness is not sexy. I just thought you guys should become aware of that.

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Mondays are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are Like Wednesdays

So, prom was on Friday. It was all sorts of goodness (James Bond theme, poker tables, chocolate fountain, fantastic dj). I got my make-up done at Benefit and fell in love with these products, I haven't been able to keep them off my face since:

Lip tint is just flat out amazing. It makes me look like my lips are just naturally that red. It's a beautiful thing. The fact that they paired it with some clear gloss and it all fits in my purse/lunch bag (use the closest shopping bag for my lunch/cell/ipod/make-up at school) has jut made me fall madly in love with the Benefit ladies. $18.

As a general rule, I avoid blush. When some one has pink undertones in their skin, putting pink on their face IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. But I love the Georgia stuff, it make me look cute and normal. $26.

When I want to highlight my cheek bones I turn to my trusty Lancome Star Bronzer (it's one of those brushes where you push the button and the bronzer gets on the brush). But High Beam works ridiculously better, my friend Laura said that my skin looked "vitaminy" today because of the High Beam. It's shimmery and light but, since it's an actual highlighter it makes my cheeks look fab. Although it's kind of weird that it comes in a nailpolish bottle. $22. The lady doing my make-up said that it was, "A super-model in a bottle."

In other news, tomarrow morning I am waking up a the ass-crack of dawn and going on a not-so-lovely camping trip with my school. I'll be gone for the next 4 days visiting museums, not showering, and learning about the wonders of nature. In the mean time, send my an e-mail telling me about your favorite make-up. I don't want to have to actually write anything when I get back.



Put Your Feet Back Down on the Ground

Someone wanted men's fashion, I don't know men's fashion.
I was at the mall with my best friend's boyfriend the other day and tried to get him to buy this (right) jacket, he refused, but the manager tried to give me an application (jokingly, but still). He kept on shouting about it being $92 but it looked great on him.
I don't understand how the majority of boys I know dress, but really this outfit is fantastic. If only it was what he actually wore (he has come a long way though, it used to be just awful).
I do have two guy friends with all around great style, Gerry and Eric (left).
Eric's wearing real Ray Ban's, not the knock-offs that recently showed up at Forever 21 (seriously, that store has taken over this little blog) and a Lacoste sweater he found at Goodwill. Actually, most of his clothes are from his mom's closet or Goodwill but he pulls it off amazingly. But he's an indie kid like that.
That picture doesn't really showcase Gerry's style as much as this one does on the bottom. A lime green t-shirt,a charcoal and purple striped cashmere sweaterand $2 sunglasses from Italy are a perfect mix. I know for a fact that Gerry really works on his style (he constantly calls...everyone asking what he should wear the next day) but there's no shame in that, he looks fly. Now I just feel kind of creepy making a post about my guy friends. I'm done.

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The Week in Retrospect

This is what I remember from this past week:
1. Sleeping. a lot.
2. Managing to get a 96% on a paper about street children in Brazil despite the fact that I quoted Fight Club
3. I woman touring my school while wearing Apple Bottom jeans and an Apple Bottom jean jacket. I was kind of frightened.
4. Forever 21 has the best t-shirts. Hands down. Nice solid v-necks, very American Apparel but without the sketchy "do they or do they not have sweatshops?" controversy. You can basically garantee that Forever 21 has some sketchy labor practices.
5. Scheming to buy this shirt and take pictures with red dixie cups while wearing it, purely to rebel against the administration at my school and their sheisty crack-downs.
5. This is the alternative to the Hawaiian shirt. Don't ask. Okay, ask. My best friend's boyfriend has a thing for Hawaiian shirts. I may or may not have ripped one off of him and hid it in a ceiling tile. I want him to wear that American Apparel shirt.

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All Dolled Up

Make-up appointments have been made, hair planned out, and dresses picked. But, who cares? Here are my favorite picks for prom dresses (I'll post a picture of me in mine after prom... so in 2 weeks).

The front of this dress is 10X sexier. But, seriously, the t-strap back is fabulous. This is the perfect black dress. If I had seen this earlier this would be my prom dress. Shopbop says, "This dress is pure, sexy seduction." Damn straight. $198.

Alexander McQueen owns my heart, which means that by the transitive property McQ does too. Remember on Project Runway when the guy with the neck tattoo made that really cool yellow plaid couture dress? That's what this reminds me of. It may have a bubble hem line but, it's an interesting one which is what gives this dress it's charm. $543.

Atleast two girls at my school were planning on getting this dress, but the sophomore won out over the freshman in the end. It may be cliche to wear Betsey Johnson to prom, but there's a reason why everyone does it, her dresses are perfect. Hello? This is probably my favorite babydoll dress ever. Or atleast in the top 10. $315.

I really dislike floor length dresses. Traditional prom dresses make me want to kill myself, honestly. I love this dress, it's short and has an interesting design. Unfortunately, it only comes in bronze snakeskin now but still, ooh and aah over the prettiness. $324.

People don't wear green enough. This is unnaceptable, especially in spring. I love the soft layers of this dress, and the pink bow straps. It takes a preppy standard and makes it...normal. Thank you Erotokritos.




I got an e-mail asking for "Summer French-boho clothes" in England (I think it was England, I accidentally deleted the e-mail so I'm just gonna go with Europe). Basically the only clothes I wear during the summer are French kinda boho (that or French whore). Which is just odd since that's not how I would describe my normal style, but I like it.

From Urban Europe. It's just a gorgeous dress, can be worn in loads of different ways for people of all different styles. I'm assuming it's cotton because, why would it not be? Apparently Europeans don't like product descriptions. £48.

85% of Free People's profits come from students at my school. It's a beautiful thing, just like this tank top (Oh goodness, that was awful). But, really, how could you not love that back detail? £32.

Topshop calls these hotpants. I'm so glad I'm not the only person still using that word. I refuse to wear them after a certain encounter with a homelessman disguised as a priest but I still appreciate them. Hotpants might not be boho, but seriously, these are basic. Boho it up. £28.

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