Since Fall Has Decided to Be Winter

So I went to the BP section of Nordstrom's website looking for some coats I can beg for from my relatives and found 3 lovely ones.
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It's called a CandyButton Front Hooded Coat, aka a pea coat with a hood. Doesn't it look so adorable and warm? And it's bright enough that I might not get nearly run over on my walk to school. It's by Rampage and is $128.
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It's got a Peter Pan Collar, it's green, and, oh poo. It's unavailable. But if it was it would be quite fabulous and would look adorable with an a-line skirt and some ballet flats. It's by Frenchi.
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Apparently Jessica Simpson makes clothing. I was really scared when I saw Princy by Jessica Simpson Marching Band Jacket above this jacket. Hopefully it's some other Jessica Simpson. Anyways, it's quite a cool jacket. I don't think I would ever wear it considering it's denim and I wear jeans most of the time but it's really fun looking. And kind of goes with the other jackets I've talked about. It's $89.


For Your Edification

Even the most mentally challenged fashionista should read every once in a while, and here are some of the books that I've been really itching to read. Besides, if all else fails you can always use a really thick book to beat away girls who are trying to stab you. Obviously, the girl who wound up in the health office today doesn't read.
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Excess: Fashion and the Underground in the 80's

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Edie: An American Biography

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Nothing Can Keep us Together, a Gossip Girl "Novel"

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Fashion and Style: The Best from 20 Years of i-

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The Pirelli Calendars Complete

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Pride & Prejudice


See What You Got

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I've been raised to appreciate trees and love the mother earth and all that jazz. Not that I do it that much. Once you've been forced to pose HUGGING a tree for your school pictures from kindergarten to 8th grade they kind of lose their appeal. But, I must admit I do recycle. And I cut up the rings that 6 packs come in because I really do care about the dolphins.
Since I know you all care about saving the earth and whatnot (but in style because there's really no point if you look icky) you should check out Ecoist. They have snazzy bags like this one (it's called the everything/anything bag and is sold at around $28). They're made out candy wrappers, soda labels, and other foody things. They have the coolest designs and are waterproof. What more could you ask for? Plus they're surprisingly soft and fun to pet, my friend Benny gave me one last night and I used it for homecoming!
Check them out, you'll be amazed at how groovy these bags are. Besides, buying one is a good thing because you each bag you buy helps to plant a tree. It's a perfect excuse for yet another purse.

From the Other Side of the World

"...the person behind Wafflesandfashion.blogspot.com would never be seen wearing sunglasses indoors but is fond of saying things like 'my shit is bananas'..."
-The Guardian

Now, that's just silly. I've been seen wearing sunglasses indoors many many times. In fact, last night I was wearing sunglasses while filming my friends getting ready for our homecoming. And I have many photographs of me wearing raybans indoors.
I must admit though, I am known for saying my shit is bananas. I even have a dance with 3 of my friends to that song. (oooooh oooh this my poo, this my poo).
And my name is Leith.


...In My Galliano Gown

Most people can't get past the bizarreness of John Galliano's Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear runway show. Most people are stupid. But I have to admit, some of the pairings reminded me of characters from this book I read, Abarat.
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This dress, I think I've fallen in love with it. It's very vintage inspired and reminds me of something you would find in your great grandmother's attic but it's still very chic and fun. If only I was wearing that to homecoming last night.
And that jacket he's wearing, I really do love it. This guy at my old school has really long black hair and he wears a Burberry trench coat everyday, I think he should change his trench for this one.
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I also really adore her pants. The embroidery is so sweet and makes a boring suit that much better. Which is just perfect. I have one question though. Is this guy really a guy? It almost looks like he has came toe.
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This I just had to post. I love it. I don't know why. I just do. Although they made her face a little to pasty. She's Indian. Let her be Indian.



There's a Million Ways to be Cruel

Things that are barely thicker than Peter Gallagher's eyebrows..

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Carly: There is NOTHING thicker than Peter Gallagher's eyebrows. They're bigger than Mischa Barton herself!


"Feel My Legs!!" "Oooh!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I love fall/winter but I really hate how dry my skin gets. I think most people do. The best way to beat dry skin? Lots of lotion and, if you shave your legs, Skintimate's shaving gel for dry skin with Lanolon. It seriously works. I'm going to tell you to get perfectly moisterized gourgeous legs. Just because I'm nice like that.
1. Before you turn on the shower exfoliate. It's really not that bad.
2. Wash yourself and all that fun stuff. The last thing you should do in the shower is shave (use the skintimate stuff I talked about).
3. Get out of the shower. Dry your legs so that they are damp and put lotion on them.
4. Get dressed and marvel at how gorgeous your legs are.

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America's Next Top Model

I'm so glad the new season of America's Next Top Model has started, and this time Lost is on at 9 so I can watch them both. My favorite's this season?
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I really want Diane to win because it would be cool to have a Latina plus size model win but I really doubt she will. If Lisa wins though I'm going to kill myself.
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But she's not going to win. She's too annoying and looks like a crack whore sometimes. So, I'm really pulling for Kim. The other girls are too boring looking. Well Coryn certainly isn't boring looking but I don't like her. She's too quiet.

You're So Very Special

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I love clutches. They're so adorable. Like this clutch from Elissa Bloom. In fact, all of her purses are adorable. She's even got some groovy sequined flower hair clips (they're like the flower on this clutch but hair clips). Perfect for adding a little spring into your fall. Oooh that was clever.