Because I Can and You Can't

Yo! Platforms are where it's at so enough with this "I want flats" nonsense. I own the Coach espadrille platforms in black but these Louis Vuitton sandals are pretty flash flasting.


There Should be No Snow in March.

All this talk of bathing suits (and the fact that it was snowing a bit while I was chatting with my friends after school) has got me longing for summer (and some one wanted a post on flat sandals which seems like a fine topic). But, to be honest, during the summer I normally wear a bathing suit, jean capris, and reef flip flops. But, I can understand the need for pretty sandals in the summer. So here they are.

I don't know why I like these. But I do. And they look like loads of trouble to get on. But, who cares, once they are on they look fab. Atleast I would imagine so. I tend to stay away from shoes that take forever to get on ever since I grew out of those combat boots I had in 4th grade. They took me hours to get on and off. Anyways, they're by Pelle Moda and you can get them for $87.95.

I'm very anti-dressing up flip flops. But, these are cool. And not too dressing since it's studs on the leather thong bit, not sequins (hahaha, I said leather thong). They look incredibly comfortable too. In fact, if the price goes down I might get them to replace my old reef flip flops. Because $58 is too much to pay for shoes that I will only wear on my bicycle as I'm riding to the beach.

I actually hate flat sandals. I don't know why I'm doing this post. But these shoes are cool. I guess. They make me want to get out my old copy of Disney's Aladdin and listen to my Arabian Night's casette. But, I know that anyone could rock these without looking like a tool. Okay. Not anyone. Buy them for $78 from Anthropologie.


Drop it Like it's Hot

I've gotten a slew of e-mails asking for bathing suit advice so....here are a bunch of bathing suits. Chosen with Carly's advice (who's currently thinking of getting a website. Give us a yay or a nay on that matter por favor).
The 2 Pieces

Awww! This is such a cute bathingsuit. It's nice and happy and whatnot. And it's by Lacoste and you can buy it for $125 from Urban Outfitters.

I love stripes! They're so much fun. And this is a fun bathing suit. It makes me want to eat sorbet. I dont' even like sorbet. The top is $42 and the bottom is $40 from Urban Outfitters. Again.

It's retro! It's from Urban Outfitters again! The brand that makes it is named Salinas which makes me think of Selena, the singer (I would do anything for Salenas!). It's just too amazing. It also has little polka dots that you can't see in this picture. It's basically just awesome. The top is $55 and the bottom is $55 also.

It's time to end this Urban Outfitters loving. Not that it's a bad thing. Okay. I'm just gonna stop. This bikini is from Delia's. It's basic. And Everyone will probably have it. But it's still nice. $24.50.

The One Pieces

It's basically the one piece version of that retro 2 piece I mentioned. So, if you are terribly modest then get this. Because it's fly. It's also from Urban Outfitters and is $122.

In case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for old style bathing suits. This one is just too great. I must own it. Although you have to handwash it. Whatever, it's still gorgeous. It's $78 from Stars and Infinite Darkness.

Cut out bathing suits are fun. The tan lines must be cool too. Maybe. If you're one of those people that like getting tan lines from your sandals. And it's only $33.60 from Alloy (I know, the coolest store ever).

ALSO, please do not bug me to update in my comments. Telling me I suck will not give me less of a social life (which would free up my time to let me write in here whenever).


Project Runway Finale

I would rather copy and paste an AIM conversation I had about the Project Runway finale then type any more. So enjoy or ignore it. Whatever. I'm tired.
Me: Dan V should have won
Carly: i know
Me: arghghg Chloe's looked like crazy rich old ladies who get botox
Carly: like when i re-watched it today because i have a cold and it SUCKSSS daniel's was the best.
Carly: it took time to get used to because the colors were so understated.
Me: I actually like some of Santino's though
Carly: I really liked Santino's, but it wasn't Santino.
Carly: I think he just did it to win, and it backfired.
Me: chyeah, but that's a good thing
Me: I mean the not being santino bit
Me: and it is good he didn't win
Carly: I would've expected his to be Daniel's.
Me: Jay's last year was way amazing though, Chloe's was crap-ola compared to that
Carly: Chloe's was kind of...boring. The weird fabric looked so stiff.
Carly: Daniel's was really wearble.
Me: I wanted to wear all of his
Me: Chloe's looked like something you would wear to a quinceanera
Me: in the 80's [for reference, rent the movie Sweet 15, you'll be so happy you did]
Carly: Chloe's wasn't THAT bad.
Carly: I liked her little halter dress.
Me: I just have that big pink one stuck in my brain
Me: hers looked more like somthing Santino would make
Me: but Santino's would be with a helluva lot more trim


Best Dressed

My 3 Best Dressed at the Oscars list:

Jennifer Aniston in Rochas and Bulgari
She normally kind of annoys me, but I love her in this dress.

Uma Thurman in Versace
Ignore how wonky her eyes look. Isn't it a stunning dress? Her hair's a little crazy but it's still gorgeous.

Three 6 Mafia in Giorgio Armani
I normally have no opinion about guys clothes but these fellas look pretty damn fly.


Ask Leith

I've gotten more questions to answer. You have no idea how muc fun this is for me. Well maybe you do.

Heya! I've loved you're blog since it started, and I've been having some trouble with a fashion thing, so I came to you. My mom gave me this Chinese dress for my birthday. I really want to wear it to school, but wearing it alone would look ridiculous as I'm not Asian. Therefore, I'm trying to dress it down, and I'm having problems. Any ideas?

That dress is gorgeous! You could probably wear it with just chuck taylors and have your hair in a bun, that would look artsy but still chic. And, normally I hate this but it works with this kind of dress, you could wear tight black pants underneath and some ballet flats.

My name is Karen and I live in a small town near Montréal, Québec in Canada. I read about your blog in Ellegirl and I reallllly like it. It's hard to stop reading!
I was wondering how you started it, yours makes me want to start one.
I have a little fashion dilemma...
Last summer, I bought a Dickies dress (see picture) and it's really short, I was thinking of buying leggings to put under, so I could be more confortable wearing it. What do you think? It's still too mini with tights and I'd like to wear it year-round.
P.s.: Your blog is rad!

Thanks Karen! I started You Know You Love It because I had a livejournal community, WeLoveFashion (shameless plug, I know), and really wanted a fashion blogy thing. So I started a blogger account and here's the result!
Now, on with the dress, I love Dickies dresses! I've always wanted one, just never got around to getting one. Please, please don't wear leggings underneath it!! That's one of my biggest pet peeves. I used to think it was kind of cute but now everybody and their mom is doing it. If you're really worried though you could wear shorts underneath or really, really opaque tights. Plus for the summer you could always wear it over a bikini as a cover up!


Dance, Dance!

Prom is, apparently, coming up. Sometime. Eventually. So me and my friend were internet-window shopping for prom dresses. Since I'll be crashing her prom because freshmen can't go to the one at my school.

Isn't this dress amazing? It's chic but still danceable and not too poofy like so many prom dresses, especially since this is just the first prom I'll be going to and not special or anything (I never really understood why prom was so special but let's move on). Vivienne Westwood is amazing.

I think this dress is perfect, it's not too formal since it's so short but it's also classic and beautful. Plus you'll be able to wear it again. And it comes in much nicer colors. Like red, black, and chocolate. And it's $48 from Nordstrom's, which it's pretty damn cool. And when you order a prom dress from Nordstrom's website you get a free clutch. Which is even cooler. Except, everyone will have it. So minus on the cool points.

If you want something a little bit more girly and alittle bit more promish then I'd say go for this one. Normally I hate pink and flowery designs but this is just an awesome dress. Plus you can still dance like a normal person and not have to deal with the insane puffiness of classic prom dresses. It's a Catherine Maladrino dress and it's $545 from ShopBop.

This is just the perfect party dress. It's made me fall in love with Erotokritos even more. It kind of reminds me of some of Chloe from Project Runway's designs. But much better, the little things are what count.

I have to have this dress one day. I've decided to wear it to senior or junior prom. It's called the Tango Show Dress and I think the name describes it perfectly. Although all the tango dresses I've seen a much more colorful. Whatever, it's gorgeous and I must own it. It's $248 and from Anthropologie.