My Life: A Summary

Sorry for the lack of postage, I have run out of money. Honestly, I have started working again which is a mighty good thing but everytime I make money I just go out and spend it all on coffee and cheap (yet mighty delicious) sandwiches. It's awful and so depressing that I can't even think about posting on here.
I thought it would be nice and relaxing to do a little window shopping before work yesterday. It was not. Instead I found a bag that I really truely wanted (it's gold, only 60 something which means that if I cash my next pay check I can afford) and realised that window shopping is why I have no money. So I spent the rest of my time until work started looking at ugly clothes. It was really depressing.
Anyways, here is a bag that I will not be able to afford unless I stop shopping for 6 months (I hardly ever work so it's sad but true) so it's so out of my league that I can look at it lustfully and not get that aching feeling in my heart. Kind of like Brad Pitt. Not like Jim from The Office.
It's $695. Basically my perfect bag, very Mary Poppins if she had a wee bit more flair in her style (but with the whole floating tea thing why would she need more flair?).

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I Have Not Done my Hair in 3 Days. Frightening? Yes.

I hardly ever talk about clothes that I actually own on here, it's mostly things that I lust after or wish that I had bought instead of some other thing. So, here are a few things that I've recently bought and love.

I love underwear. A lot. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on underwear each year but never have I loved a pair as much as these. They're comfortable, my butt doesn't accidentally eat them. And, compared to the underwear that I usually buy, they're pretty affordable. $12.

Okay, so I don't own this yet and it isn't even the color I'm getting it in but who cares. I make up the rules, I can break them. I'm buying it tomorrow, it's on sale but I had literally no money in my wallet when I tried it on today. I'm also getting it in black. It's amazing, fits perfectly and who doesn't love a little crochet summer dress? Me and my friends are getting dressed up to have dinner one night this week, I shall be wearing this dress. $79.95.

I bought this the first weekend of summer break and have worn it 30000 times since. It's the perfect summer shirt, comfortable and I don't have to wear a bra with it.
Okay, this was a pointless post. I don't spend money during the summer. If this were say the middle of the school year I would have atleast 20 things to write about. Damn the heat for making me frugal.

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It's Summer, I'm Listening to Bob Marley

I was having coffee with friends today and at a nearby table there was a middle aged couple. They were wearing bad khakis (pleated) and polos (red for her, blue for him). Weirdly matching clothing aside, they were adorable. Each one had a laptop and every once in a while they would switch laptops and watch whatever video the other one had found. They were giggling the entire time and basically acting like little school kids. It was probably the cutest thing I have seen in...ever. So, laptop bags.

I officially suck at finding laptop bags. I mean, this looks like L.L. Bean designed it for a 6 year old to carry her lunch in. What the hell? People think that they can get $54.95 for it? I suppose if I found it at a garage sale I would buy it and then give to my best friend, regretting the $5 it would have cost to buy it. She would love the cheesiness of it.

This reminds me of the brown sneakers I bought in 7th grade and corduroys. It kind of reminds me of college students also. It's very boy-nerdesque. But in a good way. Seth Cohen would have this bag you know, if he got into Brown. My God was that last season awful. Whatever, it's $85.99.

If I had a laptop I would insist on owning this case. I know, I'm silly for making this post but a girl can dream. It's water resistant! And blue. 90% of my wardrobe is blue. Which is odd considering I don't think I'm wearing blue in any of the pictures on the header. I really enjoy the fact that one of the bullets in the description of this bag is, "recommended as a laptop case for women". Oh those silly kolobagsers. $99.

Okay, this bag is stunning. I would use it as a regular bag. The inside is pink satin, just looking at the pictures makes me feel girly and smiley. The strap is silk taffeta. I love this bag. $695.63. But for almost $700 it looks like I would get it dirty. Very dirty. My poor white shirts have been bleach-penned almost to oblivion.

Oh, Violet May London, how I love you! The minute I saw this case I couldn't help but think that it looked very smart. Yes, I actually thought to myself, "This bag looks smart!" Am I 80? Apparently so. Leather does bring out my interesting side. Okay, I did not mean it in that way. At all. I just really enjoy a great leather bag. Or jacket. And the inside is mint green satin. I seriously might cry tonight. I have found my perfect laptop case and I don't even have a laptop. Yet. $899.68.

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What Do You Expect?

So I forgot the password to my blogrolling account and just started using my old one (that I had previously forgotten the password to). So, if you were linked and are not now please don't take offence just let me know here.


Weekend Rockstars

I spent all of Tuesday outside and in a bikini.
I now have a stomach the color of a tomato.
This is all just a little painful and I would rather not even think about clothes right now.
So, I bought these (left) sunglasses at Urban Outfitters the other day. Well, actually, I was forced into buying them by my friends (except for my best friend, she was oddly silent and would not back me up on the unflatteringness of them). They're incredibly cool but look awful on me. Or, as the guy from Sephora said, "Where's your Atari?" I am truly in love with that man. Mainly because he agreed that they were a waste of $18. So, I returned them. But, the thing is, I am an addict when it comes to sunglasses. I have a vast collection ranging from aviators I found on the ground during a camping trip to a mildly expensive pair that I wore swimming and now look like they cost me $2.

I actually almost bought these last summer. They're so Mary-Kate and Ashley I think I might vomit. But they're cute. I love that they're hand painted and, well, I've always been into granny glasses. I want to wear these with a peasant top and take LSD while singing songs from Hair. It's beautiful. $24.

I've seen these at 5 million different stores and at each one I tried to get my friend Amanda to buy them but she refused. Even though they looked great on her. I think she might be too much of a hippy for neon. I used to have a pair of fake black ray bans that I got at a Bat Mitzvah (joys of private school). They looked terrible on me but, oh if they didn't, I would have been the coolest little 13 year old because I wore those damn things all the time. $9.

American Apparel has the best sunglasses. I have fallen in love with every single pair. I really can't get over it. I'm sure that by the time school starts again everyone will have a pair, but perhaps not? $50.

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When The Morning Light Comes Streaming in

I hate to do two similar posts in a row but graduation was today and that got me thinking about white dresses and how I really truely love them but don't own any. Here are some of my favorites.

J. Crew. Again. You can't really tell in this picture but the details are what really make this dress for me. there's a lovely little swiss-dot pattern and the ruffles are totally adorable. The first time I saw this dress I thought someone in the graduating class would wear it today, but I was wrong. It's so perfect for a nice summer day. $148.

When I think dresses I think Anthropologie. It's a fact of life, Anthropologie has kickass dresses. They're always very Mrs. Cleaver on a hot date. I love it. A lot. $128.

I know, it's not a traditional graduation dress but booh to tradition. This dress is hot, although I couldn't say that much about the model. Seriously, get a grip honey. I do have a thing for short dresses. But you know, they're just more comfortable when you're hot and sweaty and today was definitely a hot and sweaty day. $328.

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Sing the Love of Danger!

I'm going to an off Broadway show in NYC this summer, and I want to find a dress to wear to it. Not too fancy, but something chic and evening-ish. Maybe black. I was wondering if you could suggest anything, and nothing horribly expensive?


Oh the theater! How I love it (I'm in a play currently, we're doing a little Neo-Futurists kind of dealy tomorrow, it's exciting). Anyways, on to dresses. Well, you should probably go to Forever 21 if you want some inexpensive and simple. Or inexpensive and slutty. Two types of clothing every girl should understand the need for. However, I love looking at dresses so here we go.
This dress (top right) is straight up hot. It's black, it's tight, and oh thank you American Apparel for letting me see her nipples. Please wear a bra if you wear this dress. A nice one, a nude colored one (funny story, today I realised that I am the exact same color as my nude colored bra. that, my friends, is talent). $32.

When I saw this dress I thought to myself, "That is so legit I can hardly control myself." I overuse of the word legit is starting to trouble me. But, really, this is such a perfect dress. It's devilishly simple but the knot sends to another, more interesting level. Just wear this with black heels and a large bangle (like in the picture) and you're set. Really, I love you Urban Outfitters. And I'm actually going to by this dress, unlike the majority of the things I put on here. Oh and they have this in more evening appropriate colors, I'm just going through a green thing. $48. P.S. I am totally in love with that model's hair.

I love shapes like this on dresses. I mean, my butt turns them into porn but still they're quite lovely. So if you're skinny then way to go and get this. I love the print and everything about this dress. Of course, it's out of your price range (unless $400 is not a lot for a dress) but Urban Outfitters has loads of dresses along the same lines. $460.

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I had the most amazing dream on Friday night about a green cashmere sweater. I mean, I was also being attacked by this crazy circular fish but that sweater was the softest most beautiful green cashmere ever.
I have a feeling that it was all just a manifestation of exam stress and the realisation that I have yet to turn in my 4th quarter independent exercise proposal. I had an intense need to go to my happy place. And apparently it's cashmere.
I couldn't find a cute cashmere sweater online but then again it's almost summer (and I wasn't looking that much). Vince V-Neck cashmere sweater, $168.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I should be right back on that this week!