For Those Hot Summer Nights

This morning I got a strange urge to start knitting so I looked all over my room for my knitting bag (hey, it was the cool thing to do when I was in 6th grade. we would knit and sing sk8ter boi) and started work on the most pitiful purple scarf ever. Which is why I'm showing items that could very well be knitted that you would look lovely in for fall. Really, August starts tomarrow and then it's September. I'm excited.

When I went to Ireland in the first grade I wore a green sweater that was a lot like this with my purple fuzzy pullover. I was all about the layering. And it was as heinous as you can imagine. Anyways, when I went to Anthropologie a couple weeks ago with my Mom (that was a bit of an event because I have to go all the way to Washington D.C. to go there) I stared at this sweater for about 5 minutes. Which is amazing because I used to think I had ADD. Honestly though, it's the perfect cold weather sweater. It makes me want to go to a ski lodge and sit in front of a fire, of course if I wore it right now I would probably sweat so much it would slip off of me. $128.

Okay, the only reason why I made this post is because I really, really like that sweater from Anthropolgie. But I'm just going to post my favorite sweaters now. Like the Lacoste sweaters. I don't understand how anyone on Earth could not love a Lacoste sweater. Even when I was going through my weird grungey phase I liked them. They're as comfortable as a sweatshirt but not ugly. This one's a bit more stylized and has a bateau neckline. Which means it's more expensive than the classic sweater, $135 from Neiman Marcus.

I've kind of gotten off the knitten path (hahaha, oh you know you think I'm funny) but I can't not mention cashmere v-neck sweaters. I used to have a million of sweaters like this in different colors but one winter I took them out of storage and they all had little holes in them. That was one of the darkest days of my life. Really though, if you have a closet full of sweaters like this you always have something to wear that's a little more dressed up than a t-shirt and jeans. Ya-Ya cashmere sweater, $286.


The Sad Thing is That I'll Probably Like the Clothes

I was reading the Vogue Dailies and saw this article:
Following our report last week that we were expecting an announcement any day, Reebok confirmed yesterday that it has signed a multi-million pound deal with Scarlett Johansson who will act as the new face of the brand. As well as starring in a new global ad campaign, Scarlett will design her own line of retro-inspired sportswear and footwear, which will be available in the spring next year. read more

I love Scarlett Johansson but I'm sick and tired of celebrites "designing" clothes. Enough already! I get that everyone wants money. I mean, I would love some extra cash but you don't see me doing something that I am completely underqualified at for money. I do it for free.


I'm Currently Singing Elton John Songs to it

I have a kind of obsession with clear lip gloss. In fact, the only lip gloss I've ever owned that was not clear was Cry Baby by Chanel. Anyways, the reason why I aime clear lippy so much is because I put it on constantly and since it's clear you have 0 chance of messing up and looking like a drunken slut. I tend to overthink things, okay.
So yes, I was at the mall to see Pirates of the Carribean the other day (Keira is such a ho in that movie) and my friends and I decided to stop at the Benefit counter where I bought this lipgloss. And I honestly love it. When I first tried put it on it kind of reminded me of some Clinique lip gloss that I used to have (and will never buy again because I lost it on my school bus and then found it a couple a months later under my seat, since basically only 4 other people rode my bus and it was 6:40 in the morning I put it on and it tasted like rotten tangerines and now I can't help but think of rotten fruit when I use their lipgloss) but Benefit's is definitely lighter and less goopy, but it lasts just as long. But it! Love it, use it for only $14.


Are You Planning on Playing Strip Poker?

Last night while I was out with some of my friends I saw a girl with a silver sequined mini dress on, blue tights, and black flats. Normally I would get incredibly excited at the sight of this (and a little jealous too, who doesn't want a sequined mini dress?) but not this time (why would I be telling this story?). No, this girl had on that amazing ensemble and...a black corset. I was confused and shocked and didn't know what to say. She was wearing a dress with sequins on it! What more did it need?
This tragedy of an outfit is a perfect example of people layering too much. I see it all the time now. Calm down people! You do not need to wear all of your clothes at once. Do you really need to wear yet another shirt? I do not think so. I think there should be a mandatory 2 shirts maximum rule put in place with a clause about sequined and other embelished tops stating that you do not layer those (unless it's kinda see through and you have a tank top on underneath). Of course, sometimes more than two layers can look fine but people just get so carried away nowadays and end up wearing 5 shirts. Maybe we should only have the rule for the next 3 years, I'm sure after 3 years people's senses will come to them.

picture from Urban Outfitters.


You Know it's Summer When Leith Can't Stop Listening to the Grateful Dead

It seems that I only answer your questions when I've had hardly any sleep. Oh well. I'm quite introspective when I'm tired.
Okay, so, I kind of have two questions. First is this, for fall/ winter there are only two things i want: a good jacket (prefferably military) and a good pair of boots (not cowboy, below the knee, no lower or higher) WHERE can I find these?

I am so glad you brought up boots. I'm probably the pickiest person when it comes to them. I really like these from Miss Sixty. I think they come up below the knee, but Urban Outfitters' website doesn't have a picture of them on a model (or maybe they do. I'm not running on much right here). They are $278 so if you want something less expensive you can always go with Delias' Angie boot for $79.
And now for the jacket. Last fall I got a great military-esque jacket from Urban Outfitters and honestly, I'm still completely in love with it so I completely understand your want of a military jacket.
I really like this khaki band master jacket by Coffee Shop on the left. Although it's structured it's made out of cotton which makes it great for layering (hoodies anyone?). If you don't like how light it is (does anyone remember to wash their jacket?) you can always go for it in olive. Even though it's really kind of hideous. It's available at Nordstrom's for $31.90.
I happen to be in love with this Z military jacket on the right. Heradling from the Full Metal Jacket era of military jackets its definitly more modern than most other military jackets that are for sale but its also perfect for winter/fall and with no doubt you will be protected from those harsh winter winds better than you would be with the Coffee Shop jacket. Get it from 80's Purple for $160.

Could you please give me some different ideas for shoes with skinny jeans? I love the ballet flats look with the jeans, but I live in Florida where we have MAYBE two weeks of the entire year that I can actually wear closed toe shoes with jeans/pants without sweating to death! I've tried casual flip flops, but can't seem to make those look good either. Please help! Also, what brand of skinny jeans would you recommend? I bought a pair from Old Navy because I wasn't sure if I would like them or not and my husband says they make my ass look "long." If Beyonce and JLo can wear skinny jeans, then I KNOW I can! Please help with that one, too!

I am probably THE worst at giving jean shopping advice considering pants never fit me because I have a butt and designers seem to think that if you don't have a flat ass then you are fat. But I normally have the best luck with Lux and Miss Sixty jeans. Lucky is pretty good too.
Now on with the shoe department (my area of expertise), Anthropologie has some great open toed flats like these which are $78. They also have some lovely flats with cut-outs that should make the sweating problem less of an issue. The prices tend to vary but you should definitely check it out. You might also want to look at Maloles for great open toed shoes. Don't forget that you can never go wrong with open-toed heels and skinny jeans.


Be Like ACDC

In my last post someone asked if purple was "the" color for fall this year, like it's been in the past. Amazingly, it's not but an old standard is back. Black is back and stonger than ever. It's been seen in accesories and clothes alike. My favorite use of black is in rings. I really love this ring from Urban Outfitters that's $14. If Edgar Allen Poe was a woman he would have had this ring. Or maybe not.
Anyways, I would like to remind everyone that since it is summer I'm hardly at home and to not expect posts all that much. I'm trying for atleast once a week but it's hard.
P.S. Who else was stuck in the hail/rain in Washington D.C. yesterday?