A Must Have for Life

Recently I was in my school's Spring Dance Concert, where all the dance classes perform a dance and people go "ooh you guys are so talented!" So, my class had to wear black gouchos, tank tops, and white shirts.
Black gouchos.
Yeah, but what hurts even more is when I suggested we just wear black capris some moron said, "I don't know where to buy black capris!" I was so in shock that I couldn't say anything. Unfortunately we ended up dancing around to Linkin Park wearing black gouchos. I feel so sorry for every one that watched.
Anyways, here are some black capris/cropped pants/knickers/whatever.

They're basic! They could have been worn by the Pink Ladies and then again by some modern day starlet (baaah). You would think something so basic wouldn't cost $225 though. I love Theory anyways though.

I was at South Moon Under with my mom looking for gouchos when I saw these and tried to force her to buy them for me. Which she did not but whatever, they're still damn fly (and $129). They're cool because you can cinch them up and all the buttons lead to hours of entertainment in government class.

Ever since I bought a pair of Miss Sixty skinny jeans with zippers on the sides I've been in love with their pants. These are really similiar to the Theory capris, but only $89 and with a sweet button.

I have to say, I tend to like Marc by Marc Jacobs more than the regular Marc Jacobs line. So, it's only natural that I like the Marc black cropped pants. With zippers all over too! I don't know why I love these zippers maybe it's because there's something incredibly rock and roll and nonesensical about them. I think that's it. Wear these with a leather jacket a white wife-beater and I'll be your best friend. $178.

I read the DaVinci code and imagined all the characters in it wearing clothes from A.P.C. Even the crazy guy with leg braces. Anyways, A.P.C.'s black bermuda shorts are amazing. They make me want to run around Europe looking for the holy grail. $151.


Because the 90's is Coming Back in a Big Way

With bold lines and short dresses Marios Schwab is a man after my heart. His designs are the best of the 90's, made for this century. His fall collection is equally appealing.

(pictures from Catwalking).


How to Put a Picture as Your Header

1. Pick out your header. Upload it somewhere. I like photobucket but you can use whatever floats your boat.
2. Make sure you copy the image url. (e.g. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v141/yesiminvisible/you%20know%20you%20love%20it/vegasleggings.jpg)
3. Log into your blogger account and go to the template section. The easiest way to have a nice looking header is to have your template be Minima.
4. Go to edit the code, look for what's shown in the image to the left.
5. Change everthing after hl and before /hl to the html code for you image.
6. Press save. Now, if you want to edit anything else in your code (borders etc.) do it in the style section (it's all of the first mumbo jumbo in the edit template). It's confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it.


Vera Bradley Should go the Way of my Dead Dog

Seriously. I'm sick of seeing them. This is worse than having a Louis Vuitton bag.


Keep the Doctor Away

I have to admit it, I love Apple Bottom jeans.
I know. But something about having an apple for a pocket is so damn cool.


Let's Ask Leith!

Sorry about the lack of posting, spring break started on thursday so I've been quite busy, naturally. Instead of me rambling about the bikini I want I'm answering the questions I've gotten form you guys. Sorry about some of them being a bit late!!
Here are some fashion opinion questions from one fashion junky to another;
-Fashion File or Fashion Television? (as much as I love Jeanne Baker I'm a Tim Blanks girl, that british accent reminds me of my imaginary fabulous gay grandfather)
-Fav fashion icon(s)? (Brigitte Bardot, KAte Moss & Eddie Sedwick)
-Fav designer? (don't have one, I could be rediculously cliché and say Marc Jacobs but I dig it anyway, and there's this duo of designers I saw on Fashion File and didn't write down the name which I'm kicking myself now)
Avid Fashion fan

Fashion file! I love watching it during the summer with salsa and tortilla chips. haha I don't think I really have a fashion icon. I'm influenced by nearly everyone, I think. My favorite designer is probably Vivienne Westwood but it changes quite a lot.

Me and my friend were trying on cloths at this really cool shop, and I had a ton of sleave-less tops that I wanted to try on. She came out in jeans and a normal T-shirt (she's kind of plain), and when she saw me she commented on my white bra straps showing. And so here's is my dilemma, I where a push up bra because I'm not ANYTHING like throws girls that can hold tops up by there perfect racks! So please, Please, Please help me!
Thanks, Insane artist

Well, you could always stop wearing a push up bra. Flat is where it's at! But I'm slightly biased (a-cups unite!). If you have a tank top on a little bra strap is all right, if you're hanging out with your friends. But if you're wearing a tube-top bra straps just don't look right. And I think that you're saying you can't wear a tub top with out a push up bra? Then don't wear them!

hi i was introduced to your website by ellegirl and i have a question. i really like this sweatshirt by born uniqorn but whenever i show it to anyone they call it ugly or "LOUD" i am afraid i will look stupid wearing it. Do you think that it is too loud?

I love this sweatshirt! If any one says that it's too loud then they're afraid of it! Believe me, you could do a lot louder. This is adorable.

Hi...I was wondering if you could offer your advice....
How do you feel about bubble skirts? I like them, (except for the longer ones, those just look weird) and I was thinking about buying one (maybe in olive green or black). You probably discourage leggings underneath, am I right? I have a vest from Target I think would be cool with a skirt like this...
Give me your thoughts.

I have a skirt just like that! I normally wear it with a t-shirt or a tank top and a cardigan but I really like this combination. And yes, leggings would be a major trend overkill. Bubble skirts are great to have fun with. You can really go crazy with colors too, especially since this skirt is grey. I hope you enjoy it.

I just bought a pair of ballet flats. They're gold, real simple with a little string bow thing on the top. What else could I wear with that except jeans? Oh yeah, my toes kill. How to reduce the pain?
I got invited to a bat mitzvah (bar or bat, idk) that's in June and I've been bugging my friend on what to wear and if this is okay to wear. So.. what should and could I wear? I saw some pretty sundresses at Bloomingdale's but apparently that's too over the top. What is 'a nice shirt and pants'?
- Kellie

I love metallic ballet flats! They go with nearly everything. You could wear them with the bubble skirt above, or with a fancy dress. I have no idea how to reduce the pain in your toes. My feet have grown immune to pain.
And what to wear to the mitzvah? I went to a bunch when I was younger and I normally wore a jean skirt a nice top. Don't wear dressy pants! I hate it when people wear them to a party. Chances are you'll end up dancing and dancing in pants is no fun.

I know you probably get a lot of e-mails from fruity people, but I really need your help! How could I wear a green Lacoste turtleneck without looking like my gandmother? And you know you have that picture above you blog that says, "You Know You Love It"? Well, I made a picture to put there on my blog, but I don't know how to get it there and to be able to see it!!! Please reply if you can... !!!
-- Alexandra

It's hard to look like your grandma, even if you have one of her clothes on simply because you are not OLD. But, I would suggest wearing it with a black mini skirt or tight little capris. And the title? Check the FAQ please.

basically I would LOVE it if you gave your complete oppinion of leggings....
should they be dead by now?
and how else to wear them (without looking...silly) besides a mini jean skirt? because I personally am sick of it.
please? :D

Okay, I'll admit it. I did the legging thing before it really hit off. But now that everyone wears them it really kind of annoys me and I do not think they should be worn outside of dance class.

Hey, I recently bought a pink tanktop that looks exactly like a corset! I love it to death but its a little revealing. Do u have any ideas on how to cover up without covering my tank top up too much? thanks.

Two words; White blouse.


Never Say Never (Listen to Romeo Void)

Basically eyelet normally annoys me. It always seemed to be the poseur lace of the textile world. But then again, I have an over-active imagination. Anyways, I saw this dress on Nordstrom's website and thought it was so...adorable that I've changed my position on eyelet. It's pretty damn groovy. Robert Rodriguez eyelet baby doll dress, $289.


The Magic Numbers are Straight up G's, Yo!

Here's a PSA:
If your jeans are too short, cuff them into pedal-pushers. Don't walk around like a tool with short jeans:


Please, Stop.

So, I was out with my friend Becca yesterday and we decided to pop into Forever 21. While we were in there I noticed this unholy thing.
Okay, I did almost buy it for dance class (but went with my better judgement on that one). I'm just so confused. Why would anyone make that? And sell it for $13.80. This looks like something that guy on the old CSI episode would wear. You know, the millionare who dressed up as a baby and would wear a diaper and then his "nurse" pushed him over his balcony. Clothing that brings up visuals like that should not be sold at the mall. Seriously.
But I guess I should have seen it coming, Urban Outfitters was selling stir-up pants in the fall.


This is me Frustrated

Despite my last post, I really do love flats (sarcasm. learn to love it. well, I was serious about the platforms being cool thing) . In fact today I wore bright yellow ballet flats. One of my favorite pair of shoes are these Steve Madden flats. Say what you will about Steve Madden, but those shoes rock.
Well, I was looking at myDelias catalogue and noticed one of the models wearing those shoes which made me freak out a bit. Until I noticed the shoes for sale. As in, they made knock-offs of them. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? Steve Madden isn't exactly the most high fashion brand at all. And they don't even sell the damn originals at full price anymore (and from what I've noticed you can only get them from the steve madden website).
Don't buy those shoes from delias. Do not. Please. Just, don't.